Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Six more plastic and one rock company for y'all

We're rolling with two sets from Thrive Climbing... the Snaggletooth Slopers and Moonpie Crimps: here


Part one of "The Seeming Death of an Ankle" is: here, part two is all about what's been happening and what braces he's been using to keep him on the wall, you can read it: HERE

So it seems that the market for climbing hold just gets bigger and bigger :) Good for us and great for all of you out there... here are some more for you (sorry the images are a bit low res):





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Review > Thrive Climbing > Snaggletooth Slopers and Moonpie Crimps

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona you have a team of three Ryan, Nicholas and Nic and a company that's been around for about a year producing climbing holds... no great surprise there as we're a company that reviews holds.

What can we say about Thrive Climbing LLC that's not been said? Well we could wax lyrical about their shapes which when you look at them pretty well talk for themselves, or we could talk about their mix (which of course we will) or the colors or the fact that it's a small home grown company that's doing a great job... but we won't, we'll let Thrive introduce themselves;

Ryan Wurm; Owner: We started making climbing holds for fun in my garage, and then we realized that we really enjoyed doing it. We thought we had something to contribute to the climbing industry, so we decided to make hold on a larger scale and to see where it will go. After one year of making holds we are expanding our company and product lines. 

We are a small climbing hold manufacturer Based In Phoenix, AZ running out of a tiny little shop. We have been making climbing holds for only one year now. Our product line is very simplistic, with the occasional artistic design. We have big plans for Thrive Climbing as we continue to grow, and we love what we do.

Take that!! Add the fact that they're getting shapes from Tony Reynaldo who shapes and has shaped for more company's that you can actually count on both hands... don't believe us, check this out, that's just a sample of his work:
And that's just a sample of his work and now he's added Thrive to his ever expanding resume and props to Thrive for getting him on-board, it only means that Thrive is going to be a very interesting company to watch in the future.

So we have two sets currently the Snaggletooth slopers which are a pair of slopers that are opposites, sloped on one side that's slightly incut and then the outside that is just sloped out. When we say opposites we mean there is a left hand and right hand version of these holds (why don't more people do this?)
 And the Moonpie Crimps, a set of eight holds that we're using the term 360 degree holds for because (and yes all holds are usable most of the time in 360 degrees) but these give you a little more...

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review > Atomik > Simple Slopers L and XL


So it's been a while eh folks? Between Noodles being just flat out injured (he had ankle surgery on Oct 7th) and everyone just being busy as all hell. This series of reviews have been a long time coming!

What do they say? Without the head the body doesn't function; Noodles is the head and they body stopped for a while... but now he's back, climbing and getting stronger and so we're back


What do we have planned? Atomik... bit ol slopers
Lets look at what we're kicking off with:
These guys are the XL Simple Slopers and the guys below are the large version:

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Review > IMPACT TIME > 20v DeWalt Vs 12v Makita

So since we've been away for a while! Noodles has been injured and without the head the body cannot function; we're back now and for our first review we're looking at what we've been doing whilst he heals a little more

What could we have planned? Well it's a little impromptu that's for sure because we were planning on doing a hold review... but as Gui and Noodles brought themselves some new toys this week we're going head to head on two things; impactors, yes impactors!!

We're looking at two, the new Dewalt 20v and the Makita 12v:

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Seeming Death of an Ankle Pt2 > Active Ankle Review and Update

Phew, if you didn't read my last post about my ankle you should go and read it: here. It's a heart warming tale of woe with a pinch of pity from myself thrown in for good measure :)

Now you've read that last post read this one... it's part review and update on what's going on with my ankle and one of the reasons reviews are taking so long to get posted.

The last time I wrote about my ankle I was on the brink of getting a MRI. So in early Feb I wandered down to the hospital for something that I thought would be an intrusive procedure ended up being a very quick 20 minute procedure where the scan went well. Results were quick coming and I headed on back to see the doctor again. She basically said that it was swollen and she couldn't see anything :) (Yey technology and huge magnets) So that was useful I guess... and she request I go get a CT scan. Basically another waiting procedure for a few months.... so what's been happening since then?

The fine people at Active Ankle sent me a couple of braces to try. They sent two the T2 and the EZ Lacer; one of them is a solid type of brace and the other one is a sock that laces up... and lets get to the nitty gritty on this. At this point I was still climbing a little and trying to keep up my training; between that and going to physio a few times a week I was on a good track; managing my injury pretty well and feeling OK. Because of the injury I was being very careful with what I climbed, I didn't drop to the mats at all. That was until these braces turned up...

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Interview > Climb Talk Radio

Here's a question... what do John Long, Royal Robbins, Jim Bridwell, Lynn Hill, Daniel Woods, Dave Graham,  Josh Wharton and Alex Johnson all have in common, other than being super famous climbers? Read on and all will (hopefully be revealed)...

A while back Noodles was schmoozing around the interwebs looking for some climbing news and he stumbled upon a link to Climb Talk Radio on What he found was an interview with Ian Powell, you know Ian Powell; the guy who was in Rock & Ice a while back, you know the guy who started E-Grips and has just started a new company called Kilter.

What was super interesting was his interview took place with Clark Shelk, you know the guy who owns Pusher and Revolution; you know the guy who pretty much invented the modern crash pad as you know it!! 

So Ian and Clark on the radio, they're both known to be a little wild and will drop an f-bomb or two sitting infront of a camera being interviewed... how awesome was it? Pretty damn, here's a weee taster :)

Now, we contacted Climb Talk to interview them (an interesting turn of tables for them we're sure) and Dave McAllister was happy enough to drop us a reply to what we wanted to know... enjoy!!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review > X-Cult > Comp Slopers


So X-Cult, here we go again... let's go out on a limb here and say we were blown away by their volumes! That's not really a limb that's actually a fact, the other holds that arrived at the same time well... that's probably another matter; a matter that we'll talk about in a few more reviews.

It seems that we're going from the largest sizes down with X-Cult reviews, this time we're looking at some competition slopers that range from 3XL to 2XXL. Five holds, all in neon pink that might be something you're looking for... lets take a look and see:

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review > Red Point Climbing Holds > Various

 Kaleb Thomas; Head Routesetter at Crag X recently collaborated with Noodles and B.A Gear on a setters bag that we've been working on.... they recently hosted a competition and as he's part of the CHR family he wrote a review on some of the Red Point Holds that he received for that comp. It's a little different format than you're used to but he goes through a bunch of holds in quick succession, enjoy:

So Recently at Crag X (The gym in which I set) we held a big bouldering competition, and one of our sponsors for the comp was Red Point Climbing Holds out of Kelowna. We used this opportunity to pick up a few holds and see what these guys are all about. We bought several sets of holds, which I will individually touch on, but first, lets cover all the “non-hold related stuff”

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review > Beastmaker 1000 & 2000

Soo with Noodles having a douched ankle and with a slight depression that's been and gone from not climbing; we're back on the go and we're back with a doozy of a review. Not with just a single review but a double header that will be updated as we go, this is a mix of Gui and Noodles, Noodles is being the "normal" climber and Gui being the "Strong" climber in this review, confused... you should be... basically Gui's comments are like a full on review of the 2000 boards, the main body of the text is about both and Noodles comments are about the 1000!

So lets begin and go from there ok?

There was a thought running around the CHR camp for many years that the Moon board was the hardest thing on the planet, and it was and in some cases still is but there are new boards hitting the market all of the time that could take the crown. Both are from the same company that's based in the UK; and that company is called Beastmaker; yes Beastmaker. The Maker Of Beasts, it seems like a big claim just from the name doesn't it? Just a little... :)

If you're looking to "train" then there's the 1000, if you want to "TRAIN" then there's the 2000... do you know what we mean? NO!! HA, read on... both of these boards are going to get you strong and they're going to test you in ways you didn't know existed; you will be frustrated, you will cry a little but you will get stronger that's for sure... oops it seems we started the review before the review really started.... let's start again:

As we amble along this path that hopefully is an informative and amusing review lets look at what we're talking about:

Beastmaker 1000:
Beastmaker 2000:

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Win a Rock Town Guide Book

Right, want to win some stuff?? All you have to do is name the routes that are in the below images!! What you'll win is either a copy of this:
A copy of the Rock Town guide book, of which there are 7 to win, or you could win this:
A CHR baseball hat months before they go on sale, there are 7 of these as well :)
So 14 prizes for 14 winners.... just name the routes, it's that easy!!

Here are the routes:







You need to email in your answers (top left of the page is a link to our email) with your answers, have the subject line read "I WANT A GUIDE BOOK OR A HAT" or you'll be disqualified, this comp is open to Canada and the US only (sorry (or unless enough people bitch and we extend it to the rest of the World)) and in the case of a tie then you need to answer this question "What the name of the CHR cat?"

It's pretty simple, have fun and safe climbing!!
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Seeming Death Of An Ankle

 NOTE: This is about Noodles and his ankle and there are some horrible images of sprained ankles, if you don't like the sight of this stuff or self pity turn a way now!

So I guess this story starts with me and what happened prior to my ankle getting blown out... I have a trainer and he's part of the CHR family and I'd spent about 4 months training my ass off for this years Tour De Bloc. That's me on the left there are the first comp of the year at Joe Rockheads in Toronto cranking down to a 5th place finish in my field. I'd had a good comp and training was fitting into my daily life and around the comps so I was happy.

Then what happened was something of a freak accident :( During a rest period I was at the gym and I was showing someone how I did a move and I fluffed it, my hand slipped and I fell... about 4ft, yup 4 bloody feet. I landed a little lopsided (the mats are angled) and as soon as I hit I knew my ankle was done. Now, I've never had an ankle problem but when you do something like this you just know. I crawled off of the mat with Bobby laughing at me as he thought I was just messing around. This is the image about 10 minutes after I did it... looks a little broken; a few beers later I went to hospital.

Yes man logic, I iced it when I got home and I'm pretty damn good with pain but even after a while it started to get to me. If the beer isn't going to help then I'll go see a professional :)

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review > Brewers Ledge > Boudlerboard

Some months ago, well when we say months we mean a year ago a young fellow called Garnet from Brewers Ledge was in Montreal from Boston filming for a Quebec TV segment with one of their Boulder Boards; since his was in town and we were up for a review he dropped past and he let us borrow the board for review.
Now some of you know Brewers Ledge, they’re the people that make the Treadwalls, you know the free standing walls that rotate when you climb on them they rotate when you climb on them; well they make a freestanding non-rotating wall called the Boulderboard, here’s what their site says about it:
  • Compact footprint
  • 175 Symmetrically placed t-nuts for tons of route setting fun
  • Sleek and attractive design with commercial grade silver paint
  • Collapsible frame constructed from welded steel
  • Packs down small allowing for no-hassle transport (when the rent is due)
  • 40 degree angle for all around strength, power, and endurance training 
If those details don’t ring any bells let’s look at this board and get to reviewing:

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review > X-Cult > Volumes

So X Cult, they’re a new company to us but anyone European has probably heard of them or has climbed upon their products. When they talked to us about a review we jumped at the chance… we always want to see more holds from around the World and Bulgaria is known to be the home of hold production (for many companies) that reside in the EU

The story begins with a box arriving, a big ass box that was at the post office. Noodles goes to get it and the ladies there make him go to the backroom and get it because they weren’t going to try to pick it up; the room smelt strangely of cheese (they apologized about this) and we saw the box it was massive
It was also pouring rain… He pays for the import fees and he grabs the box, it’s not super heavy but it’s huge and covered in plastic, wet plastic in the rain isn’t fun but despite a few drops the box and it’s toys got back to the house without too much swearing.

The box was huge and has given us months of work, months of reviews and months of fun for you the readers. We’ll only be talking about the four volumes that we received and what we did with them. You know us by now, if someone sends us something crazy then we’re going to do something crazy… in this case we decided to give Guillaume a little something to play with, something that would test him but with enough go to give the other strong climbers a little fun to play on.
What are we talking about? We’re talking about these bad boys:


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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Top Ten Home Training Aids

      Normally we publish a top ten of climbing holds, we're in the middle of that and some reviews right now so we asked someone who is a professional trainer for climbers what his top ten home training aids... there are links to each product here so you can go and find them!!

      Although the Moonboard and Beastmaker got top billing there is something else that`s kind of in a class of it`s own... and it`s well worth a look (its also the subject of an upcoming review)... the Boulderboard from Brewers Ledge. Why is it in a class of it`s own? Because it's more expensive than the other items that are featured here; but if you have the space and you want to train then it's well worth it. We have one and it's setup purely as a system board, it's covered in Atomik Climbing's System Holds and there are a pair of Bombs (number four on this list) hanging from it... it's just flat out awesome because you can come home and get your training on easily!!
  1. Moonboard or Beastmaker Hangboard: why ? Takes no space and it’s going to make you a beast, name says it! For the US and Canadian customers it's good to know that Revolution Climbing stock the boards, everyone else in Europe them click: here.  It's also good to know that there is a nice iPhone app for the Beastmaker board
  2. Gym ring : for that awesome core that you`re going to get. Takes no space, it’s like climbing on the ground. You have to generate force from toes to fingers. Check out the Friction Climbing rings here
  3. Blank Slate: Jf you don’t have a owner like mine, who doesn’t care about holes in his walls, then you need this. As long as your door frame is strong you`re going to be fine! The only down size, no jumping to catch holds. Our review of it is: here
  4. Atomik Bombs: do you want brutal pinch power or not ? Takes no space and are super practical for training all you need to do is hang them up. Our review is: here
  5. Japanese Thai ball: awesome for warming up, cooling down and injury prevention. They reinforce your fingers from the tip to the wrist
  6. A small pad, like the Organic Starting Pad: if you do fall it will catch your carcass. Or you can do a good deed to the planet and reuse and old pad.
  7. Swiss ball: for cross training, balance is the name of the game.
  8. Weight Vest: if you want to improve you have to increase the intensity. You don’t need one that can take 75 pounds, but a 10 to 40 adjustable one will do the trick.
  9. Hand Weights: for cross training and injury prevention
  10. The book, Mental Training for Peak Performance from Steven Ungerleider, you have to do something while you rest, so make it count !
 So there you go for a home trainer that's short on time then here's your top ten of things you need to get strong. We'd like to thank Guillaume Raymond for compiling the list for us! He's a member of the PCI and is sponsored by: Uncarved Block, Organic Climbing, Climbing Hold Review, Climb It. He's also a professional trainer and you can find him at Shakti Rock Gym in Montreal

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Review > Redpoint Holds > Coefficient / Currency Pinches and Conductors

Originally we were going to run three reviews for these holds, do them one at a time but as we got around to setting we decided to get them all done at the same time, we only filmed one route of myself and Chris climbing and we were going to film some more on different problems but you'll see why we had to stop that for a little while :)

Redpoint is a new company that started this year in Canada and it's always good to see new companies especially Canadian ones come into the market and begin the journey of making climbing holds, and Redpoint although new are doing it the hard way, they actually mix and pour their holds unlike some other people that have joined into the fray this year... so a new Canadian company and three sets of holds... lets roll!!

So as there are three sets we'll talk about them specifically and then about the route that was set... but first... why didn't we film some more?

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Review > Synrock > Mixed Bag

So, when we talked to Jim about doing this review and we agreed for him to send us some of his Synrock holds we were all up for it! We've wanted to see some of these holds since we started the site... and now we have some; Jim also specified that for us to do this review that we'd have to mention that these are some of the cheapest holds on the planet... we don't really bow to that kind of stuff but we think that in the course of this review we think his point will become clear.

This review is a different one... despite the holds we received we're going to talk more about what you the consumer can buy for your home wall, of course we'll talk about what we are reviewing but lets really talk and look at these holds because it's pretty damn interesting...

First lets look at the holds; well we'll look at what's currently on sale:
A: 132 holds: $79
B: 42 holds: $69
D: 46 holds: $79
C: 50 holds: $41

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