Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Climbing holds from California? Yup, Climb-It are the makers of some interesting holds, a couple of sets have adorned my walls for about a year. The set i'm talking about is the Sliders

Being called the Sliders you're not going to be surprised by what you get when the UPS man comes knocking, what you will be amazed by is a) they're light and b) the texture at first feels like you're going to rip off backwards whenever you grab them. One of the above statements is wrong! The texture is amazing and not as slippery as you think, once you get some chalk over them you're going to be wondering how you've lived without them for so long.

One of the other really nice features of Climb-It holds is that they come with a little cross logo thats been indented into the's a nice touch, not only can you see who the holds made by but if the route is a little bit harder than you expected you can use it as a handy thumb catch (beats using the bolt hold!) so you can
bear down a little harder.

Over the last few weeks we've had the holds all over the place on the wall, except the ceiling, and every time theres been some screaming and ass' hitting the floor. The holds are great for beginners on a vertical wall and if you're looking for a challenge pretty much any hold in the set will make you think about the move when on overhung.

If you're setting routes that are feet follow hands I'd suggest picking up some of Climb-It's footholds as some of the Sliders are mmassive for feet, but that being said some of the holds aren't that deep (and they're slopey as hell) will challenge most people.


$90 for ten holds that $9 per hold, which isn't the cheapest out there, but most of the holds are pretty big and there are plenty of matching options on nearly every hold. These are a thinking mans hold, you've got to be pretty strong to power though a sequence that has these bad boys, they'll make you strong and make you work your technique to boot. Buy em, they're a ray of CA sunshine in an otherwise dark basement...CHRIS' FINAL WORD
CA Sunshine? Noodles is on the happy pills again :P These holds were first put on the small wall at the last apartment and as it wasn't high enough it was hard to tell if the holds were actually that good or not... thankfully Noodles moved and the wall is much higher, and that's where these holds come into their own, just when you've got to reach for them. You're going to have to work hard to hang onto some of these boys, but if climbing were easy we'd all give up an just buy ladders and would forget about the plastic. Remember we're running these on an overhang (30 degrees) and it makes for a very interesting_am_i_going_to_fall_on_my_ass time, on the vert these holds are challenging for a beginner but semi easy for anyone pulling 5.9's.

Climb-It are knocking out new shapes all the time and we've been told there are new sets being carved and should be ready within the next few months.. if you don't believe us check out this monster..The Sleeping Giant measures in at 32x18x7 inches and attaches to your wall via a single bolt this I'm pretty sure I can say is the largest (or one of the) volumes on the market. You can also bolt 7 holds onto the back of this beast! We're going to be getting one of these early next year so keep tuned for the mayhem that will ensue as we fall all over the place trying to hold on for dear life.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chris and Noodles

Some of the holds in these sets are really hard to hold onto, and i've cracked a few holds from this set.