Sunday, November 25, 2007

Review > Franklin Handholds > Tech Set 1 / All Star Edges

I picked up some Franklin's along time ago and I loved them, so when I saw some new holds the other day I picked them up.
We set numerous routes with the Technique set 1 over the last two weeks, and its a set of holds we seem to keep coming back to for when you need a shallow edge or a really marginal sidepull. Infact when the wall was reset these were the first holds to get the wrench treatment.
As you can see we didn't even get around to moving the other holds before we started climbing. All I can say about this set of holds is that there's something for everyone, from good sized ledges to shallow pulls. There was one downside to this set is that one of the holds didn't sit flush with the wall, but a couple of minutes with some sandpaper soon sorted this out!

The set gets marked down slightly as its not really a beginner friendly set, and I did have to do some sanding on one hold, but overall i'd say if you have slightly overhanging or vertical wall then you should grab them, the holds aren't huge so they won't eat into space and will give you hours of pulling fun
I was so impressed by the Tech set, I went out and brought some more holds...
Again you're looking at another great set of holds that don't eat up wall space but they aren't for beginners. Straight out of the bag these are the easiest holds I've ever had to set V3/V4 routes with, but bear in mind I was setting on a 30 degree overhang! My only concern with the majority of these holds was that as they were so shallow in places that they'd get chalked up and would become slippery over time...
Especially the above hold, the texture takes the chalk and is surprisingly easy to clean. We also took the holds to a friends wall we can lead on and set some routes there. Again we found that you can set some nice moves as long as the walls not to overhung (we're not that strong) and that you can pull all day without worry. When I did actually get these holds home I found out that I was missing the bolts :( but a quick email to Franklin soon sorted that out, their customer service is amazing, so if you do have problems they'll sort you out really quickly

The only problem with the set is that its not that versatile, but its an edge set so it does exactly what it says on the bag... gives you edges! Again they don't eat wall space and you can pull all day without ripping your skin off.CHRIS' FINAL WORD
If only we had more of these holds. They're easy to set with and super skin friendly. If you need to work on a specific area of strength them grab the pack of holds for what you need to work on. We're probably going to buy some more early next year and we'll report back when we do.

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