Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Review > Nicros > Jug-Or-Not?

Jug-or-Not? that is the question. Hold-able? Climb-able? Hang-able? There's lots of "ables" in this review, why? Because if your wall is feeling a little flat, this monster will give you hours of fun and will make you work harder than you expected!

We've had this hold for around a month, and how happy was I that I ordered it? Pretty damn!
I had the hold shipped to work, so the receptionist bared the brunt of my "has a package arrived yet?" questions.. oh and what a happy day when it did, then and only then did I realize that it's really quite large... how large??
This large:Big enough to fit on the largest head! It's HUGE, which lets face it is pretty damn cool.

Now grab your wrench and start tightening, and when I say wrench I mean socket wrench, this hold has some serious hardware with it... once on the wall add some of the holds that come with it and start pulling. We didn't actually add the holds at first because we wanted to see just how slopey this hold is. Well we have a lot of slopes over here at Casa Del Noodles but we weren't expecting this......

...sloper heaven, and this is on a vertical wall, in fact which ever way you do turn it, it's hard to hold. But hey least I managed to get higher than Chris. Once you get over pulling without the holds that come with the main base you can have hours more fun just bolting them on and going nuts (It's what we did most of the night)

Heel hooks, knee bars, hell we even put some other holds onto it and chucked it onto the ceiling

All we want now is the No Evil triple set (see the Nicros website for that one) once we get those we're not leave the house for a month :)

More more give me more, this hold is just so damn versatile it's not funny. It's hard to hold onto when its on the vertical, and its REALLY hard to hold onto when its on an overhang. Where this hold comes into its own is as a mini (?) feature that you can use to bolt other holds to. What is a nice surprise was the small holds that came with the main event. The quality and texture of these holds is pretty damn good (I think we'd set a route with them before we put up the big hold)

I was amazed by Nicros - Extreme Hold Technology (EHT), if this is the future of large volumes (light strong and affordable) then I'm expecting to see more and more of them at the commercial gyms and gracing peoples home walls.

Nicros are also on the ball when it comes to shipping orders and when you call or email them, they'll get back to you pretty damn quickly, even if its to ask if your hold has been shipped yet. I think I dropped them a mail one morning and someone called me back within 30 mins, how crazy is that???
The question for me is would I spend $100 on a single hold? Hell yeah, after seeing this at Casa Del Noodles I'm going to order the Apex (on the left) from the looks of it we can get some mantles in!

Jug-or-Not?, well its not a jug till you bolt some holds onto it, but its probably one of the most thought provoking holds that I've climbed upon lately. The texture on the main body is just enough to hold onto, so the grooves and features come into play. It's a great hold and if your loved one really loves you then they'll buy you a big Christmas stocking and they'll buy you a Jug-or-Not? :P


Davisson Benson said...

Nice review man! I work at the climbing gym at my school and my boss ordered a bunch of the Nicos Volume holds, but he's reluctant to mount them on our wall for safety reasons. Have you encountered any problems with the Jug-or-Not shifting on your wall? And would you recommend anything to reinforce the pieces to prevent them from shifting? I'm thinking caulk or something like that...


ntmb said...

Hey Davisson,

The Jug-or-not has two set screw holes that need to be drilled out on it. Just use those and it's fine!!

If you use caulking it'll make a mess and moving the hold will be a pain in the ass. Just use the screws and the bolt and you'll be fine

At one point, I think we did actually make a mounting plate from wood for it, but I can't remember why, I think we were on a surface with no t nuts

hope this helps