Thursday, November 29, 2007

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What does every wall need? Commercial, home, garage, wherever.. come on you know the answer... wrenches, that's right wrenches! How often have you been looking for a wrench at the gym? Who (like me) was using allen keys to tighten their holds? Well no more! Goto Sequence and get some of these:
A 7/32 and 5/16 set of wrenches, that have just been added to the Sequence line up. Not only do they look pretty pimp but they also double as a home defense weapon! They're pretty heavy, so be careful not to bean yourself on the head.

Not only are they heavy but with the bright yellow handles they're easy to spot under the pile of holds in the corner, which is pretty handy when you're setting somewhere without too much light.

One thing that made me laugh (and maybe its because i'm from England) is the packaging..."Buy Canadian eh!", and now i've started to notice that some of my staff say "Eh!" alot, nice work Mike :)

There's no real need to a table for the rating on this one, they're a set of wrenches, they do up climbing holds on your wall and you can never have enough of them kicking about the floor.
$22, so they're a good deal EH!

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