Sunday, November 25, 2007

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I've had some Teknik holds for a while now, when I say some I mean a load of holds (well the ones I could get from Le Mec anyway), the Tron's I've had for ages and the Flaps we're picked up about a month ago.

Now as I grabbed the Tron's from Le Mec it means i've only got four of the above 10 pictured holds but as they've been a staple of my wall for over a year I can give you a pretty good opinion of them. Ready? Go to Teknik's site and buy them... done! Slopers are the best holds to train on (your hands work hard but you don't nail your tendons) and these are some of the best slopes out there.
Hell if I can chuck no foot cross over dyno on an overhanging wall between two of these holds then they've got to be pretty good to hold onto... the texture is grippy but just enough that you can hold without feeling a burn on your skin,

They're hollow backed so getting them shipped won't break the bank and the colors that i've seen are always vibrant, so they'll stand out on the most cluttered wall.

It's hard for me to make a call on the price of these holds, I grabbed about $600 worth of holds when I was at Le Mec one day and I only get the 2 hold set(s) not the 5 hold sets. But that aside these holds have been great to pull on for ever, I hardly ever seem to have to brush them as they stay good to hang on for weeks.Now onto the Flaps...
I picked up the bag and thought well I need some foot holds lets get these... nope, wrong. We screwed some of these to the ceiling, they're not that big but they're not that small if you are feeling cheeky you can get away with some interesting horizontal moves infact here's what the Teknik site says "Flappetty-flap-flap-flap- the most incut of all our screw-ons. Pure positivity and very, very thin in profile = neat-o. You will be floored with how great these holds are to grab" and i'm inclined to agree. They can be a little bit sharp in places, but we've put them up as sidepulls, roofjugs (?), and as undercuts... hell some of them are good enough to match on.

If you need some space fillers, small undercuts or something to just pull thats big, but not that big then these are the holds for you, they come in a 10 pack and are well worth the money.CHRIS' FINAL WORD
Did Jeremy just tell someone to go and buy some screw ons, thats a first! Mind you they are pretty special little holds and I thought that he was buying footholds (least thats what he told me) I keep unscrewing these and using them as blind sidepulls and as undercuts, I love em and they're MINT yes MINT greeny blue, how often do you see that?
On the Tron's I think we need to go and buy the full sets as they're such nice holds to have on a wall, hell Teknik should make even more of them but maybe half the size so we can bolt twice as many on the wall!

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Anonymous said...

Jez, Tom here.

You've overdone the Flaps score on the versatility front, they're not that vesa cos they're screw ons and are a pain in the ass to move, plus me, Greg, Martin and Heggers think that they're a little brutal on the fingers when you bear down on them......

I think they're more of a 6