Sunday, December 2, 2007

Delire > New holds

elire climbing holds

It's -19 over here, but as I had to get some cold and flu drugs for my girlfriend I took the opportunity of wandering past La Cordee because Lisa @ Delire told me they'd shipped some new holds to the store, and of course as the holds are cheap and good I figured I'd go and have a pre-fondle to see what's up.

All I can say is oooo goody, looks like we'll be buying some new stuff to play on for Xmas. Click the banner above and go see the new shapes... as always you're getting some nice swirly colors on holds that have a texture that takes a while to get good (it needs to get lots of chalk into is so it becomes a little smoother), but for the price they're a deal.

Expect a review soon(ish) because we always seem to buy em.


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