Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Halo Holds

Well lookie here, another new line up for the plastic pullers... Coming 2008
Say Hello to Halo!

As they're new we asked Halo to let us know who they are.. and what they're going to be making next year. ..

It seems that they focus on BIG holds, because big holds are fun (I think we all agree on this front), they currently have one volume in production and there are two more on the way very soon... And here's a scoop, one of the holds is a GIANT 8xl Stalactite with positions to piggy back other holds... now that is something the market has needed for a while!! You should be able to get your chalk mitts on it in January 08.

I believe that they also have the largest Heuco on the market in their arsenal, its duel texture and Chris can probably use it as a Hula hoop!

Halo is three guys that live and breath climbing, they're going to be making BIG holds, no word on rough prices thus far but having a company out there who's primary goal is to make BIG FUN HOLDS will bring a smile to many many faces next year


EvilJelloMan said...

Halo is in fact selling some of their holds right now. The prices seem a bit steep, but they are definitely some kickass-looking monsters. Contact them at the email address on the website to get a price list of the few holds they have in production already.

I'm drooling over the huge hueco hole, and am a fan of the big volume too. I wish I could justify spending over a hundred bucks on a single hold, because Halo has a couple of awesome holds that'll cost you more than a Benjamin.

ntmb said...

I have the list around here as I was talking to them. What I want to see is the price on the huge 8xl monster that they're making right now.

Did you see the review on the Crater stuff? I made a mistake with putting up the wrong score, but fixed it. They're a good set of holds, but I think if you want to get them for where you set you might want to get both sets!!

Yeah, I dropped a Benny on the Nicros... plus shipping and import but it was well worth it. But I am spending my own money, you get a budget at your place right??

M3 said...

I have a feeling once everyone sees how big these holds are in person that the feelings about steep prices may change. The pictures really dont do these holds justice.

Dave_the_Rave said...

Do you work for Halo, or do you have some of their holds??

M3 said...

I work for Halo.

ntmb said...


drop me an email please