Friday, January 25, 2008

Ah the postman arrives... SLAPHOLDS in the wild!


I know I'm not the only one that when ordering holds sits next to the door waiting for the postman to arrive.... I know you all do it, sit there waiting, dreaming of what's to come.

I love the postman, what I don't like is the other form of postman.. Mr UPS and Mr Fed Ex! Why? Because when you order holds and they have to cross a boarder they will make you pay import... more money that could otherwise be spent on MORE holds. This time wasn't so bad... but the next time I know it will be worse.

Anyway, the lovely lovely people over at Slap Holds got some stuff into the post to me. And I've been waiting to see these holds for a long long time... they're like drugs, I've seen them, I've touched them and now I want MORE!! I want to go home and I want to go and climb now, I don't want to work....

At first glance they're hefty, I like hefty it means quality and durability. All the holds have holes for screws, so that's good for gyms, and it gives setters choice. All the backs are nice and flat (how flat is hard to tell right now) but they look good.. oh and there's that new hold smell that's wafting up to my nose, other (non-climbers) can smell it too and you can see that they're interested... they keep coming over and fondling my new toys :)

Like I said... new holds are like drugs. I have my fix.. now its just time before I climb. Looks like Slap are chucking out some quality product, and I suggest you click their logo and see what else they have in store :P A review will be forthcoming, and myself and Slap Holds have something fun that's going to be coming soon... stay tuned!


3 Ball said...

Whats up, Just a couple corrections:
"Hefty" or Heavy does not mean quality or durability. For example polyester resin (also known as fiberglass resin) is heavy compared to Epoxy or Polyurethane. At the same time it is not even half as strong. Polyester resin is heavy and brittle. If you've got heavy holds you probably have some sort of polyester resin which is the poorest quality plastic out there.
If you are smelling fumes, then its almost guaranteed that you have polyester. This kind of resin can take weeks to fully cure and is odorific. Polyurethane holds will not have a noticable smell.
Its kinda like Lead vs. Titanium.
Lead is much heavier, and far more brittle.

ntmb said...

Ahh, interesting point. The holds are Polyurethane, I know that Slap worked for 6 months finding a mix and did a year of product testing before they went live with anything.

We're the first people this side of the pond (US or North America) to get the holds, so it's a case of unless you've seen or touched the holds it's not fair to comment. I

I've found lately that Holdz holds are heavy as well. Infact more so than Slaps, and I put one on the bench and tried to break it the other week and had no luck.

Slap make polyurethane holds, these are polyurethane holds. Simple.

Remember this is first glance out of the box thoughts. I've / We've / You've not climbed on them so we'll see what they're like over the next few weeks

Lucy from Slap Holds said...

We would like to thank Jeremy for taking the time to review our holds.

We always appreciate constructive comments and feedback, especially when we have invested so much time and energy to get to where we are today.

However, we are astounded that the above post has been written by someone who has not held, tested, or even seen our holds before.

We are happy to assure all of our future customers that our whole range of holds has been made from polyurethane plastic following more than a year of intensive product development to find the best, strongest and most durable material available. There are no fillers in our holds – they are simply pure polyurethane plastic, as described on our website.

If our holds were indeed made from polyester resin, I think everyone would agree that it would be careless of us to advertise them as polyurethane.

It is equally careless to post on a public website that our (unseen) holds are "almost guaranteed" to be "the poorest quality plastic out there", as these remarks could be viewed as defamatory.

Hold manufacturers will also know that plastic has a slight odour just a few days after it has been poured.

Thanks again to Jeremy; we look forward to our review being posted in a couple of weeks.

3 Ball said...

I've got nothing against Slap. I haven't climbed on their holds and have never seen their website.
My main point was that Heavy does not mean quality or durability. Sorry if I went off on the polyester resin thing. I wasn't saying that slap holds were polyester, or that they were poor quality.

Props to Slap for going the High Quality Pure Polyurethane route. 3 Ball products are also pure polyurethane with no fillers, so I know how expensive it is.

While there are different densities to different polyurethanes I've never seen a significant weight difference. If the Slap urethane is heavier, so be it.