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Three Ball Climbing
Another year and more holds to grab, swing about on and to ponder...
Three Ball sent us a set of these jugs from their new line up...
A set of nine jugs, and lets face it a jug is just a jug.. or is it? These holds were somewhat of a surprise, they're big and they are positive and they're super tendon friendly! There isn't a sharp edge on the area that you're grabbing :P The texture is a little bit rougher than you really want, but these holds are designed to be climbed on by everyone and when people are wearing sneakers, so they do grip... quite a lot, which is good and bad, it really depends upon which side of the fence you're sitting on.

But don't expect to be bunging these up onto a roof anytime soon, they're positive but they aren't roof hauling holds by any means. We found this out by setting a route up and over the wall picking the biggest of the bunch for the roof and although it is do-able Seb did hit the floor more than usual, and when Seb hits the floor (even with mats) its like someone just crashed a truck through your front door rather than just ring the doorbell!

After learning our lesson with the roof we made some fun warm up routes, nothing serious just some fun jugging about and playing..

You can pretty well put these holds on a wall up to about 60 degrees over and not have too much of a problem. If you have kids then they're perfect for the little ankle biters, I'd also suggest sticking them upside down all over the place as undercuts as they work nicely in this format as well.
Checking out their website I was surprised to see that they have a set of the same holds that come in screw on format, so you can bolt or screw on, I'd probably go for the screw on version as it has a bolt hold so you can have the best of both worlds. The bolt on versions also have a screw hole so when a ahem larger climber comes past the hold won't spin.


I do have one minor gripe with one of the holds that we have, and it is a MINOR point my thumb hits one of the Three Ball logos that are one the hold surface and it gives me a bruise on my thumb, other than that if you want a set of jugs for just warming up or for your kids then these holds are worth a looksee. Three Ball have a large number of holds on their site and there will be something for everyone and they come in every color under the sunCHRIS SAYS
Tricky one, if you're looking for some hardcore holds to train on then these probably aren't for you. If you want something that allows you to monkey about then they're going to be right up your street. The texture is rougher than you really want, but I think that in time is will wear right down and will become much friendlier, we've given these holds a good bashing and they hold up well to the rubber and chalk that gets caked all over them and yes you can climb on them in sneakers because I tried... they will be better for little feet rather than the plates that I have but none the less they're good enough for a quick haul in your street shoes. Its a shame that some of the holds aren't a little larger so you could put them on the roof, but if you want roof jugs buy roof jugs, if you want quite positive pullers then grab these

This review has been altered slightly as of 4th Jan 08 as there were a few errors. Please accept our head on a stick for making some mistakes. [N&C]

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