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The $200 Question... Pt 1 > Metolius > Rock Candy >& Halo

I asked the holds companys of the World two questions the other day, the whole thing came from some stuff that I was reading on the forums over at Routesetter...
Here's what I asked them...

Q1) If someone called or emailed you wanting to buy holds and they had $200 (or the equivalent in whichever country you're in) to spend on holds, excluding shipping, but didn't know your company OR your brand what would you send them??? (Retail prices not wholesale pls, and this would more than likely be for a home wall rather than a gym setting)

Q2) Do you have a "Hold of the month club?", if you do how much is it per month and what should people expect to get from it??

I was going to post the answers in one larger email next week, but as the article is taking a fair old while to write and as the answers have been coming in I decided to do this in parts rather than as one Uber article... here's the first few replies, I hope that they're informative.

Metolius got in first... fast as lightning..
A1) Brooke says "Its orders exactly like this that saw us create the Mega Pack series. Basically a variety pack, with our standard holds, micros, modulars and macros, plus a bunch of our specialty holds, screw on hand/foot, a rail, a plate, outside corner, roof jugs, multi-wrench all hardware and how to build a climbing wall flyer. Basically a wall in a box: just add plywood!

Mega Packs come in 30 (below image), 40, 50, 60 hold collectionsEven a Kids Mega Pack (35 super-positive, kid friendly shapes)Kids Mega Pack
A 50 Hold Mega Pack = $159.00 so I'd also add a 5 pack of mini-jugs = $34.95 (can't ever have enough mini jugs and they'd have enough for a burger/beer left over. They would be getting 55 total holds or $3.52 per hold cost..."
"We don't have a hold of the month club"

Rock Candy was FAST out of the blocks aswell!!
Rock Candy
Q1) Nathan sent me photos of all of his holds... which is great.. here what he says:
"For $200 retail I would send a customer a mix of small and medium sets, maybe thrown in a large set (bolts included). Considering they are not familiar with Rock Candy Holds, I'd try and throw in a good mix of our styles/shapes. Such as a set of Flubbers (clean simple slopers), McNasties (unique styled jugs) and Alae Draccos (Ohio sandstone inspired incut edges). I have included pictures of two orders I filled this week so you can get an idea of how much rock candy $200 gets you.

The first cost about 180 and included 30 holds,
  • Alae dracos
  • Sandboxes Med
  • Sandstone Crimps
  • Thizzle
  • Pedal Pushers
  • Hueco crimps
The second cost 215 and included 35 holds.
  • Mcnasties
  • Skeeters
  • Love Buckets
  • Hueco Crimps
  • Retox
  • Pedal Pushers
  • Sandstone Crimps
Q2) "We do have a Holds of the Month club. Our Hold of the Month club contains 5 to 10 holds each month. You will either receive 5 large to x-large holds or 10 small to medium holds. Every hold you get is new to our line and only available through the hold of the month program for a while then we add them to our line. We make our holds from a polyurethane mix so they are durable and the texture is great. We try to vary the sets sent so that you are not getting the same type of hold every month. The holds ship out in the first week of each month and shipping is included in the $39.00.

Currently if you sign up for the program you recieve an extra free set of 5 small holds your first month

I've included a picture of this months set (below). In the past we have sent out the Chubs, Large Sandboxes and a mix of small and medium holds not yet on the website."
Third off of the line was Halo holds!

Q1) Marks always good for a chat about stuff, here's what he fires me... "Alright buddy, this is far from a this or that question. It would depend what they were looking for and what there wall is like. If its a flat, not a lot of angles wall. I would send them the volume. (I'll knock 10 bucks off the price for them) The volume can add a lot of dimension to a boring home wall, opening up lots of new potential they never knew the wall had.If their wall already has a lot of angles to it. I would recommend the Real Rock: Series, 2XL and 4XL and our new crimps. (Killer to climb on by the way. They'll be on the site soon!)But if they value their fingers and like open handed I'm sending the 5XL cube and Dionysus their way.While I love the Hueco to death. I'm not gonna recommend it for a home wall unless you wanna have a hold on your wall that your cat can sleep inside."

Q2) We don't have a hold of the month club.

RIGHT!!! That's Part One done, Part Two should be up in a few days... drop a comment on the post if you've got questions.

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