Monday, February 18, 2008

The $200 Question... Pt 3 > Revolution

Deric from Revolution got in touch today about the $200 question, you should know the drill by now, but if you don't scroll down the page to PART ONE and TWO for the full details on what I asked the company's...
Revolution Climbing
Q1) $200 as suggested by Revolution goes thus, you're going to get a good mix of their holds from most of their lines:

Huecos Jib Set 1Desert Small Set 1Limestone Large 1Huecos Medium Set 2Joes Large Set 1Jugs Medium Set 1Pockets Medium Set 1The holds run to $203, which is a squeek over the $200 limit.

Q2) We do have a hold of the month program. $69.00 a month for: 1 xxl hold, 2 xl holds, 3 lg holds, 4 med holds, 5 sm holds and 6 hand jibs. Our monthly shipments are organized in each of our 18 different styles like; Hueco, Jugs or Granite

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