Monday, February 18, 2008

The $200 Question... Pt 2 > e-Grips

I asked the holds company's of the World two questions the other day, the whole thing came from some stuff that I was reading on the forums over at Routesetter...
Here's what I asked them...

Q1) If someone called or emailed you wanting to buy holds and they had $200 (or the equivalent in whichever country you're in) to spend on holds, excluding shipping, but didn't know your company OR your brand what would you send them??? (Retail prices not wholesale pls, and this would more than likely be for a home wall rather than a gym setting)

Q2) Do you have a "Hold of the month club?", if you do how much is it per month and what should people expect to get from it??

I was going to post the answers in one larger email next week, but as the article is taking a fair old while to write and as the answers have been coming in I decided to do this in parts rather than as one Uber article... here's the first few replies, I hope that they're informative.

Chris from e-Grips dropped me a line, he's busy setting at the Nationals in Boulder CO, so he took time time away to fire this off to me...


Q1) $200 worth of the best holds in the world - e-Grips:

For a home gym customer, let's say someone climbing in the intermediate range - V2 - V4, on a slightly overhanging wall - I would suggest a variety of sets with the unique eG aesthetic, with a range of shapes sizes and types for function. It is hard, because there are so many amazing lines - but.. here is a good line up:

Comfy Crimps: $28.70Mini Water Tufas: $49.50Virus Jugs: $40.00Pure Line Mini Jugs: $52.00Hueco Wonder Hole: $28.65If the stronger, advanced or elite climber, was psyched to round up $200 worth for harder climbing, or a bit steeper wall, I might suggest some newer, best of the best eG sets:

Bubble Wrap Pinches: $48.50
Buttons: $45.50Aussie Crimps: $28.70Solar System: $43.25Brain Buckets: $34.00These two $200 options, would both provide a selection of various sized shapes for the user based on difficulty. For $200 retail, the first selection would get you 36 holds, including positive crimps and pinches, unique pinch-jugs, and a line of incut mini-jugs, as well as a big hueco feature hold. The second selection would get you 45 holds, with two large slopes, pinches big and small, some incuts, and the buttons, which double as tiny crimps or incut feet.

Q2) e-Grips does have a hold of the month club, called First Dibs, and it is quite arguably the best on the market. I say this as a routesetter and rep, but also as a hold fiend.. For $40, becoming part of the "First Dibs Family" gets you the most exclusive new sets every single month, with shipping included (within the US). These sets are ALWAYS shaped the month prior, and no-one will ever have climbed on them before. Not only that, no-one can climb on them unless they are on the First Dibs deal, because for about 6 months, we keep them exclusive to our First Dibs customers, before we release them in the regular line, at which time, they are typically priced competitively in the market, about 10 - 15% more, on average, than we sell them for as part of First Dibs. Furthermore, we offer special deals to our First Dibs Family, such as add-ons, whereby an FD gym or home gym can add additional existing sets to their First Dibs shipment in any given month and still get free shipping (up to $300 worth of additional holds OR $25 in free shipping). This makes eG an incredible deal for the most incredible new holds, every month.

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