Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The $200 Question... Pt 4 > So Ill

Man the answers are coming in thick and fast over the last few days, i'm updating as I go as it's easier...

Today? Daniel from everyones favorite...
Soill Holds

Q1) As usual So Ill has their stuff sorted! I love the way they have this set up on their site:

So iLL House Pick $199

-Too Busy to Shop?
-Don't Know What to Get?
-Let So iLL Pick the best sets for your wall!
-Choose Approx Angle
-Along with Your Climbing and Training ability.
-We Will Pick the Best Assortment
-Colors will vary

The guys over at So Ill also have house picks from $39 to $299, so if you tell your mom that you want some So Ill holds least all they have to do is pick a price and order them online!!

When they are ordered they'll ask you what size of holds you're looking for and then they'll pick from their entire range and then will ship them out!!! So you can get a mix for a great price

Q2) The below image is of some of the Sick Kits that have gone out in the past...
Sick Kit Program
**First Month At Half Price!
**For a Limited Time!
-Brand New Set Each Month.
-5 to 8 Holds
Depending on the Size
-Shipping Included
-Hardware Included
-The No Brainer, Easy Way to Get Fresh Grips Each Month
-Ordering One Set Will Automatically Sign You up For a Year
-Sets Ship on the 1st of Each Month
-When you order, your first kit will ship right away.
-Then you will receive your second kit on the first of the upcoming month.
-Be the First to Get Brand New Stuff from So iLL

So its easy as hell if you shop with So Ill, just click an option and let them do the work!! Sweet!!


Katherine said...

That is so unhelpful. Which holds are in the House Pick?

What have they give out in their sick kit of the month lately?

I could get all this info easily from their website.


ntmb said...

I'm running with the information that they gave me... I'll ask for some more now.

I know that the House Pick is essentially that, they pick the holds. I;ll get them to run up what they would send...

I've also asked for images of the last few sick kits

ntmb said...

When the House Pick is ordered they'll do this:

"Ee'll ask the customer what size of hold they'd like and then we'd custom pick the holds for them, depending upon their needs"

So you get holds picked depending upon your needs.