Sunday, February 24, 2008

The $200 Question... Pt 5 > Climb-It

Q1) Hey, we've thought long and hard about the question so we sat down last night and came up with this list that encompasses a good section of our holds and will suit all climbers...

We wanted to get a set together that got the customer a lot of our best holds while still staying under budget. The ones we picked out have great variety, really represent what we want a climbing hold to be, and come with a good amount of holds per set

Patina crimps set a or b - $45

Weathered Sandstone Crimps set a or b - $45

Sediment Medium - $28.50
Limestone Small - $19.50
Southern Sandstone Small - $19.50
Coastal Sandstone Med set A - $28.50
Foot jibs - $7.00
This runs to $193

There are a couple of options for switching up the holds depending upon the climber and their ability... but for climbers that wanted slopers, I would recommend:

Font 2xl - $42Weathered Sandstone 2xl - $42, or Southern Sandstone 3xl -$60

For finishing off the $200 with some juggier holds I would recommend anything from the Hueco set.. (Have a look at the site to see the whole range)

I'd add the Sediment feet, when they get remolded, instead of foot jibs.... this puts this pick at over $200...

Q2) We do have a hold of the month club, purchasing it the first time signs you up for an entire year with the first one shipping when the order is placed and the other twelve to follow shipping on or before the first of the month. You can expect to find about 6 holds every month and 2 feet, every hold being something we really feel represents the company in its entirety. We like to bring fresh designs that looks and feel like real rock that can make you exceptionally strong....

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