Sunday, February 24, 2008

The $200 Question... Pt 6 > Project Holds

Project Holds have weighed in with their answer to the $200 question.. and they're sneaky! Get this buy $250 of holds and you get a 20%, so... well i'll let them explain!

Q1) Everyone gets a volume discount from Project, so anyone that buys $250 in holds gets a 20% discount (bringing the price down to the magical $200). I put together three scenarios (steep, not so steep, and vert).

Scenario #1: The Steep Overhang
25 holds: $212.00 ($265 - $53 volume discount)
Ju-S1 (Jugs small 01)
En-S1 (Engrained Small 01)Kr-L1 (Kreases Large 01)Ls-M1 (Landslides Medium 01)Ss-L1 (Shellshocked Large 01)

Scenario #2: The Slight Overhang
25 holds: $204.00 ($255 - $51 volume discount)
Ju-S1 (Jugs small 01)Nx-L1 (Nixons Large 01)Kr-M1 (Kreases Medium 01)Ls-L1 (Landslides Large 01)
Ss-S1 (Shellshocked Small 01)

Scenario #3: Vertical Wall
39 holds: $203.20 ($254 - $50.80 volume discount)
Eu-Xs2 (Elucids X-small 01)Ce-M1 (Ceramics Medium 01)En-M1 (Engrained Medium 01)Ls-S1 (Landslides Small 01)Kr-S1 (Kreases Small 01)Ss-S1 (Shellshocked Small 01)

Q2) Was answered on, check the forums for the post called "Best Hold of the Month Club" and you'll find their answer!!

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