Monday, February 4, 2008

Holdz @ Allez Up!

Jean-Marc the setter at Allez Up has set a monster of a route using the Holdz holds that we were sent. The route comprises of DT Crimpz, DT Pocketz, Edgez and one (yes just the one) Mini Jugz.. it's 5.12 and it's on a huge overhanging arch at the gym... and it's all kind of ok til you get to this move....What do you mean it looks ok??Back step on a small DT pocket, to edge, bump your right hand to an undercut, chuck out your right foot to the TINY foothold and then crank all the way up to a 2 finger DT pocket.. small problem is that the 2 finger pocket is a full 4 inches out of my reach when I'm fully extended :P

Oh well, good work Jean-Marc... thanks for putting up a route that's going to stop me for a while.

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