Saturday, February 2, 2008

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Nicros Handholds

Ah if there was a TV show called "Pimp my hold" then Nicros would probably be on the first episode! They have a whole host of new holds out for 2008, but these, well these really made me smile.Click their logo to go and see what they have in store.... I think that I need to get a set of these...
They're called Combat, running at $56.95 for 10 holds.. they're incut pinches that are dual texture aswell, not only are they going to make you strong but they're going to make you kick ass as they have little karate kids embossed on them :)

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Louie Anderson said...

Saw these at the OR Show. They're nice, clean little pinches.

Combine them with the smaller Voodoo talus edges and e-Grips dual-tex crimps and you'll have a well rounded set of simple dual-tex shapes to train on.

All are 3 lines are of a similar quality.