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NOTE: For all of the color options see our review on the Dual Texture Pocketz.. you can find it here:
Now onto todays topic... jugs, no not what you're thinking... honestly you have a dirty mind! We're talking JUGZ with a Z not with an S! But these are not normal jugs, they're MINI JUGZ!! Now I've had these holds for years, I have them in the UK and they reside on a private bouldering wall in Essex. I have the full set..
There's 50 of them, I think that you can never have too many jugs on a wall.. well I also think you can never have enough slopes on a wall... but the get out of jail free card on any wall when you're working long stamina routes is a jug, y'know, when you get pumped and need something to rest on! The holds don't take up much surface space on any part of a wall (because they're mini) and that for me is one of their HUGE plus points... they are always positive on whatever angle you place them on, and when you get to the "smaller" ones they make nice in between holds that you can have a rest on before hauling out the rest of a route.

I don't think there is a set of holds out there that are quite as positive and have such a small surface area on a wall. (I might eat those words)But for now I doubt if eating my words will happen... we had a 10 set here for a while and we've had them all over the place, from side pulls to full on jug over the roof routes (the holds are currently on a route over at Allez Up, our local gym) and every time they've been skin friendly and positive to pull on. If you want quality holds that are good for kids or for setting easy warm up routes then I think you can look no further! They're all quality controlled, marked and stamped when they leave the factory so you shouldn't find anything wrong with them :)

These holds are one of Holdz best selling lines, if we're lucky Steve will carve some more.. you should check out the site to see the Undercutz, they look nuts :)

Come on back next week and we should have pictures of the route that's been set with the holds that Holdz sent us!!!

Swirly colored mini jugs, who could want more? They're small so they don't eat wall space, but they have a huge holding area, so they're positive as hell, you can stick them anywhere you want and they're always going to be good to pull on.. what more could you ask from a set of jugs?? These little guys offer you more bang for your buck than normal holds, they maybe a little expensive if you're getting them shipped over (and go for ground mail, its cheaper!) but you'll not be sorry that you brought them. They're currently at our local wall so the climbers there can get a feel for some new holds, from what I've heard they're going down a treat and everyone likes them! I've said it before, I am a little bias when it comes to Holdz holds, but I think that if you're looking for holds that will last a long time then you're not going to go far wrong with these holds. Go buy em, love em and then send me a mail thanking me for telling you to buy them :P

Unfortunately for me I've only got the chance to climb on this one set of the Mini Jugz (reminder for those with a dirty mind, its jugz with a Z :). What makes these holds stand out is their color. Noodles told me that Holdz will make their holds to any color combination you choose. Left up to your imagination, it opens up infinite possibilities. For their size the Mini Jugz are really easy to hold onto, they're positive whichever way you put them. Great for easy warm up routes when you're tight on space... Go with the Duo Text Pocketz if you're looking to get strong,but if you're like Noodles (in case you haven't noticed he's a hold junkie and likes the slopers) and having hundreds of holds to choose from these are a welcoming addition. Thank you Holdz for bringing your holds west of the pond.


  • Great for beginners
  • Mad colors - 3 color swirls, 4 fluorescent colors, 16 regular colors, spotty colors as well! (Spotty is good for colour blind people!!!)
  • Nice imaginative shapes. They have a small foot print, which is great for GRP (fibreglass) walls, as you can get them on a very small placement
  • Each hold is traceable in case of problems
  • Each hold is checked and certified
  • Can be put onto any type of terrain, roofs included!!
  • Tendon friendly
  • Might be expensive if you're not in the UK, but they're well worth getting!
  • Holdz is a UK company so prices are in GBP > Great British Pound
  • Set 1 is 10 holds at 20.00 = 2 GBP per hold
  • Set 2 is 10 holds at 22.00 = 2.20 GBP per hold
  • Set 3 is 10 holds at 24.00 = 2.49 GBP per hold
  • Set 4 is 10 holds at 26.00 = 2.60 GBP per hold
  • Set 5 is 10 holds at 28.00 = 2.80 GBP per hold
  • The full range is 50 holds at 110.00= 2.20 GBP per hold

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