Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nicros > Sneek peek!

Nicros Handholds

Why would someone need a block of foam that big?? Ah this is the question we're all asking!! There's something brewing, and by the looks of it it is going to be HUGE! When I find out more, you'll all find out more!But here's something I can talk about! Nicros will soon be releasing the above, a new hangboard using their EHT (Extreme Hold Technology), its modular and the specs are as follows:
  • Three years in development
  • Bolt on and off holds, hangers and Pump Rocks
  • Sold with an easy set of holds for the 5.7 > 5.9 climber, or a medium set for the 5.10 > 5.11 climber and if that's not enough theres the HARD set for the 5.12 and above boys and girls!
  • All holds will be Dual-tex, and as they bolt on are interchanagable so you can vary your workout, or work on your weakness'
  • Should be ready by the fall of 08' so keep an eye out
  • Price is TBD
I'm looking forward to getting some testing, err training in on this beast :)

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