Friday, April 11, 2008

Construction 101

Here's what my last week or so has looked like.
Last Thursday night my Dad flew in on his way home to England
Friday we take the wall down, 16 hours later and a few beers and some swearing and its down!
Sat / Sun pack up stuff
Monday I moved to my new apartment
Tuesday, start building new wall... I almost (no really) did some unpacking :)
Wednesday, go back to work
Every evening this week something has been built when I've got home, my Dad's been a busy little beaver working away with the Rubik's cube that is the pile of wood that is my spare room!

So here's an update on where we got to last night...Step One: Organize all of your wood! We chose the it's wood so it go's onto this pile method. It's not the best :)Step Two: Try to figure out what you're going to do with all of the holds on the bits of wood that will no longer fit anywhere!Step Three: Take pictures with the mirror... that almost got broken many times. Here's some advice, take down all of the mirrorsStep Four: Get one frame up, if you're lucky your room is pretty squareStep Five: More frames, remind the father that you need cross bracing everywhere because you need to put plywood sheets all over the placeStep Six: Get more than two people to put up your sheets of ply, they're heavy and a pain in the ass once they're more than 4 foot off of the floor. If there is only two of you make sure you have the drill and screws close by so whoever is holding the sheet doesn't have to stand there for 10 mins sweating and prayingStep Seven: DO NOT OPEN THE CUPBOARD that is full of holds, they will fall out onto the floor and cause a messStep Eight: Tidy holds from floor and use cupboard door to take a picture

So there should be some kind of climbable surface this weekend, I hope! So I'll get back to the reviews that are backing up on my laptop... I suppose I should unpack and get the internet connected at my house pretty soon.




sandy m said...

hey man nice wall can i just ask is your wall atacted to your house walls or is it freestanding?
thanks man

ntmb said...

totally free standing, you dont need to bolt into anything :)

drop me a mail if you need more details