Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Construction 103

We're getting there, note the look of despair on my face...The back wall is semi up right now, and the holds got pulled out so I can start setting... that's going to be a long job :)

Here's what we found out last night:
  • A chalk line is your friend! When it comes to marking sheets that need to be drilled this is your best friend. BUT using blue chalk and wearing a white t shirt doesn't make it so much fun.
  • If you run 6 inch holes in a sheet you need about 105 to 110 t nuts. If you're like me you;ll run out of t nuts and will have to stop work
  • You can never have enough shims (thin wedges), you're going to need to move something up a little bit to screw it into the wall, a shim and a hammer is your best bet
  • Never tell Chris there are new holds he's not seen at the bottom of the pile, he WILL pull all of your holds out onto the floor to find them :)

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