Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Contact Will Take Over The World (?)

Contact Climbing
Run it's an invasion! Thanks to an anon tipster we can tell you that the molds for Contacts new line War of the Worlds are finished!! No word on the prices yet, and i'm not sure that pink really does a set of invading holds justice but they do look like they're going to be fun to climb on!Stay tuned as our new wall is getting close to completion and we've got some Contact stuff that'll be reviewed soon

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James said...

I wrote Dale at Contact the day I saw the molds were finished for the War of the Worlds set, and ordered it immediately. The holds arrived on my door today, and they are really cool. The double-hander is completely bomber on a roof, but the slick parts will spit you off if you aren't accurate when you make a lunge. The other two are cool pinches/ledges with a couple of different options for thumb catches, but the double hander jug is definitely the star in my eyes.

Also got a pile of other contact holds, and I gotta say the Rex crimps are incredible on the steep stuff. These things will give you popeye forearms in no time!