Tuesday, April 22, 2008

World Climb: Climbing Index

World Climb got into contact with me the other day and after checking out their site I've found it to be a great site with more links than you could ever want to read! It's an amazing resource if you're trying to find some information... here's their press release:

"Climbing is a surprisingly information based activity. Besides satisfying our basic curiosity and enthusiasm for the sport, few of us go climbing without first having armed ourselves with some knowledge. As climbers, we are interested in information on anything from routes and climbing areas to training and equipment. The internet has completely revolutionised the amount of information that is now out there and is potentially available to us. It's out there, but - How do I find it?

We've all experienced the haphazard nature of searching for climbing material using search engines. The objective of WorldClimb is to change all that.

WorldClimb is the definitive climbing directory for the web. It currently indexes nearly 2500 websites worldwide. We include equipment and clothing manufacturers, climbing related services, general websites, publications, events and organisations. All websites are categorised and cross indexed under the relevant subject areas as well as the countries in which they're based. They can be accessed via these categories, using an A-Z listing, or by using text based search that can be focussed to particular subject areas.

Each website listed on WorldClimb has its own WorldClimb profile page. This details the countries and categories under which a website is indexed, as well as a link through to the actual website. This is all provided for free but if the website owner wishes to customise their own WorldClimb profile page then we charge a small annual fee for this privilege (we are looking to provide this for free to non-profit making concerns).

To illustrate where we are at, WorldClimb currently indexes 627 sites in the US, 101 in Canada, 894 in the UK, 110 in Australia, 58 in New Zealand, 77 in France, 53 in Germany, 54 in Norway and 29 in Chile. We have listings for 91 countries at present. We only have 1 website listed for Bermuda but we're working on it.

WorldClimb is an ambitious project that is constantly expanding. We are continually analyzing the way in which people are trying to search for climbing related information, in order that we can improve and incorporate new functionality into the WorldClimb site. We have just started adding climbing walls and retailers to our database. We are also tackling the complex issue of incorporating foreign language sites into our database. WorldClimb is getting bigger."

So if you're looking for some information this could be a very handy place to start your search!

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