Thursday, May 15, 2008

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If you're a chalk monkey like me then your holds are going to get coated, and at some point you're going to need to clean them off. I've tried everything, ever brush out there from wire to specialist brushes!

I stumbled into Le Mec months ago and I found one of these...For hold cleaning this is the business, nothing comes close to it for getting chalk off of holds! Admittedly it's not the largest brush, so you might spend a while cleaning off that monster feature, but it shifts more chalk than anything else out there!


I also have my handy M16 from Metolius,
I think I have four or five of these kicking about, these are wicked for getting into little places that the Boars hair won't reach! Plus it's handy for getting crud out of my krabs and other gear!

So if you want clean holds for that send, double team with these two bad boys!


Anonymous said...

Not sure about the Flash ones as they seem too soft to take away ingrained chalk.

ntmb said...

I was surprised by how much chalk it actually moved. I've never tried it outside that could be a different case, but like I said, double team with the two brushes and they work super well.