Wednesday, May 14, 2008

UPDATED: Slap Holds > New Monster Jugsters & Cyclone

You'd think I have nothing better to do all day than sit about and wait for Dylan to send me a mail telling me he's made some new holds... but as he doesn't email me with news I have to ferret it out :P

Here's some more new holds from Slap, "Jugsters", which look huge... and strangely enough I need some roof jugs for the wall!!! Seems that Slap are on a hold making frenzy right now!

And does anyone remember this beast? We had a "Name the Hold" comp for it. Well James from Georgia is the only person that has it (other than Slap themselves) because he won the comp! EVEN I DON'T HAVE IT! It's named the Cyclone, and you can all get your hand on it from the Slap website (Click the Slap logo at the top of the post)

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