Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Month of May > What you missed!!

We've decided to run an end of month list of things that were posted the month before... we're a little late but here's what you missed and the links so you can jump to the pages without scrolling around!! It's been a busy month, the wall got finished, we got holds up and we're back and kicking...

Contact Climbing Review: Hex and Rex holds, see what we have to say about these little gems, they stopped us on a route (that's still ongoing) but if you want crimps then get these two sets, they're cheap and just totally wicked fun to climb on:

E-Grips: 2-Tex Pure Crimps Review: Competition crimps that will make you scream, dual tex madness from the "E":

Asana Holds Review: Waffle and Logo get hauled on, we've got more coming don't worry. Apart from a few mistakes with sanding and Canada post playing hockey with one parcel, relative new comer to the holds game it's getting there:

T shirts: We got borrd so we made some t-shirts with a lovely NBA inspired monkey logo, they're $2o a pop

Comp: As usual we have a comp running, this time its with Teknik, it's a mad ass art comp that's been a little slower than usual. Get your pens and pencils out and get drawing!!:

Name That Hold: We have pictures from one of our competition winners from the Name That Hold Slap Edition:

So there you go, three reviews in a month which is pretty good going. I'm still super impressed by the Hex and Rex holds from Contact, I think alot of people will like them aswell

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VC said...

Nice wrap-up for May...

...anxious to see what June has to offer!