Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Slap Volumes

It looks like the crew over at Slap may have actually get themselves out from under all of the fiberglass that they've been playing with... looks like they might get some climbing done!!
There are 6 different types with more to come, there are more images here


Shurafa said...

We really need an American manufacturer to step up to the plate and make some large volume holds like this!

ntmb said...

Nicros have the closest thing to this stuff, I suppose....

Anonymous said...

The problem I have with these volumes is:

1.) the shapes are less than stellar

2.) They only screw onto the wall, what about people who don't or can't use screws?

3.) Holds don't look like they fit too well in the photo, therefore you are limited as to what holds you can actually use.


Slapholds said...

Thanks for the comments Dale.

1.The complexity of the shapes is pretty low but still interesting. The reason for this is that we didn't design them primarily for pulling on. There are some sweet spots on all of the volumes but their purpose is to change the angle of flat panels. For that reason we decided to go for simple shapes that would be hard to hold without the placements. In that respect our shapes are as good if not better than most things on the market IMO. Look out for some of our smaller shapes with no placements for more complex holds!

2.Most of the walls in the UK (where we are based) are moving towards ply walls. This is the market that they were designed for. All of our holds also have screw placements, this is going to become a regulation in Europe very soon. A volume as large as the 1st picture (1.5 meters long) would need more that one bolt placement which would make matching these up very difficult.

3.The holds fit flat to the volumes. Of course you are limited by the size of each placement, but again that goes back to the complexity of the shape. The more complex the shape allows for less flat spaces. The placements are larger than they look in the picture btw. Have a look at the Climb-it giant, only small holds pictured on that one.

Anonymous said...

All great points, and I was making those comments more towards volumes in general. This is the shortcomings of ALL volumes we've seen so far. I think your volumes would make a nice addition to otherwise mundane terrain.


Three Ball said...

Stuff looks good to me. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. I have hesitated since so many gyms can't do screw-ons these days.
The best way to do these really is with the screws as you have done. It looks to me like you could definitely change how a wall climbs by adding one or two of these. Looks like you could also keep a couple hobbits inside there if you want.