Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Something fruity..

Three Ball Climbing
A balanced diet is a wonderful thing, between Three Ball Climbing and So Ill if you're a cannibal or a vegetarian you're diet can now be bolted to your wall...
Keep em peeled, I'll let you know when there are more details (Sry for the pun)


Anonymous said...

Is that for real? I'm yet to use a novelty hold that is actually makes for good climbing

Anonymous said...

Does that mean you discount alot of the So Ill range? A lot of their holds could be classed as novelty nes pas?

Anonymous said...

Come on............Come on.

ntmb said...

Ladies or gentlemen, whichever you are... play nice now.

Or at least leave a name so you can have a proper argument :)

We'll wait and see what the holds turn out like, i'm interested to see what they're like, good or bad. Thus far Three Ball have made some great holds so I'd expect nothing less

Anonymous said...

Let's call it like it is. Weak! They didn't even shape the banana.

Anonymous said...

looks like it'll fun for little kids. they can grab the "horns" of the banana.

Three Ball said...

All the vegetation from this new line will have the same texture as the food it represents. Since we want to replicate the texture, Everything will be molded directly from real fruits or veggies :). Slippery Bananas and fuzzie peaches etc.!

James said...

"Weak! They didn't even shape the banana."

By that argument, Louie Anderson is weak because he didn't even shape the golf balls on the "Adams Apple" set for So Ill.

This whole thing is stupid. If it were any of the "mainstream" hold companies, instead of Three Ball doing this, people would be rambling about how cool it is to have these holds.

Abstract holds with clever designs can be used to force a climber to think. This is climbing on plastic, it will never be real rock climbing, and some people enjoy the creative freedom that fact gives them. Stop being such a downer and let them have some fun with it.

I have a few holds from Three Ball on my home woodie, and they kick ass. Their urethane mix is bomber, their textures are great, and their hold shapes are as good as any other company out there. I'm excited to see them branching out into some crazier designs.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of things to respond to here.

1. "Be Nice"
Overall I agree. There are ways to give negative criticism w/o getting nasty, but I think this particular site falls short in giving enough criticism to the holds reviewed.

2. Regarding incorporating objects into holds, I think it can be great. I repeat, CAN BE. Many instances have come up in recent history as this has become more and more used in new holds. The banana in the hold is a good idea, but was it done in the most creative way??? Probably not. Some of the So Ill stuff falls short too. The new phones are a great example. A few of them (the handles) look and climb great, but then there are the odd filler shapes that I want nothing to do with when I set. Some people will like the banana hold and some people will not.

3. Again I must say this site is a little warm and fuzzy with their reviews. In particular I think the Asana stuff was given quite the break (no pun intended) in the lack of critique. The sanding job on the one hold was embarrassing more than anything not to mention the broken hold.

Lastly, I say all of the above as someone who has sent holds to be reviewed by this site and others. I always expect to get brutal honesty when my holds are reviewed . Anything less does no one any good.

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VC said...

It's just for fun... A novelty hold. I would use it on a route. It looks like it would make a great foothold on a roof. Imagine the fun when your feet slip off! I'm really glad to see that somebody finaly did this... so now I don't have to. I would have done it differently though. Probably embedded into the base at a different vector... and with a gritty texture rather than banana. To each his own. With so many novelty holds coming out lately though... they'd have to be uber cool and/or usable too.