Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What you missed in July...

Again another busy month over here, lots of holds hit our door step and lots of news was flying about the internet...
Here's what you missed in July:

Atomik sent us nearly 200 holds, the first review was their Font holds, you can find the review here
Asana got their teeth into us with their aptly named holds "Teeth" which we renamed to "Shark Teeth", is here
Asana again, with their "Joes" holds, crimper and jugs, can be found here
Metolius sent us their Hueco roof jugs, these bad boys are rated "E" for everyone!! here

Friksn, is a new company we ended up talking with when they were doing a whistle stop tour of Montreal. They hooked us up with a couple of t-shirts that fit well and are really well made and printed. We liked them so much we decided to run a photo comp with them. You can find the comp here, the poster if you'd like to display it in your gym here, and you can submit your entries to here

Lots of stuff and some new company's hit the news page, from Europe we added links to:
  • 23 Holds
  • Lapis
  • Makak
  • Expression
  • Volx
  • Usteto
But we also had a sneak look at what the DRCC (Detroit Rock Climbing Company) has been testing and making, the Slap Holds volumes got a look-see, and Three Ball Climbing & Contact showcased a whole bunch of new holds, as well as 23Holds and a whole bunch of other stuff.....
AND... Asana also gave us a look into their hold making process here
For as a super added bonus Mike Call's new film "Perfecto" has the trailer up on the site

You can find all of the news here

Myself and Chris spent some time this month building an addition to our wall, if you have a few minutes to spare you can see this wonderful video of "How to not put up a feature", the best bit is when we play rock, paper, scissors to see who went into the box to try to bolt it to the ceiling. Classic stuff, don't try this!! Here it is (it's on Facebook, sorry!)

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