Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Month of June > What you missed!!

Louie Anderson took some time out of his schedule to have a chat with us... don't know who Louie is? Chances are you've climbed on his holds!!!
Shaper, setter and all round good guy. Here what he has to say: here

Metolius sent some Hueco roof jugs our way.. possibly the only way you can feel Hueco's shapes if the closures don't stop! The review is here

E-Grips got a review for their 2-Tex Stealth Edges, they're not as stealthy as you think! : here

Teknik put up some photos, so now you can see the Technicolor dream that is their workshop: here

And as always we keep out eyes and ears peeled for anything that's new out there:
round up of lots of new stuff and a few new company's
Slap are at it again, this time they're larging it
Three Ball Climbing went all ninja on us with this new set
Something fruity: Read the comments on this one, a word fight broke out!

Oh in an act of shameless self promotion we posted a video up on the Urban Climber website, people like seeing our rippling bodies in action (no really!!) : here

As always we're happy to hear your comments and views on what's been going on, drop us a line... let's hope the summers a good one :)


Anonymous said...

What's up with the Teknik comp? Didn't it end a few days ago?

ntmb said...

Yup, it did. The entries have been sent over, I just didn't post anything saying it was closed, I was going to do it at lunchtime (about 45 mins)