Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Asana > Building the Eye of the Oracle

Here's a sneak peak at Asana HQ and the making of their new monster hold... The Eye of the Oracle!!

1: The mold before any rubber has been poured onto it

2. Top down of the mold in its new home, it`s looking at you!!

3. Scrapper building the rubber box

4. Pulling out the hollow back

5. Removing the box

6. Pulling out the foam shape

7. Cleaning the mold with a high pressure air line

8. Polishing :P

9. First pour, not bad!

10. Dobby getting all animal on it!


James said...

So Ill just came out with an eyeball hold, too. Personally, I've been heavily unimpressed with Asana's holds so far, so I think I'll be leaning towards the proven awesomeness of Dave and Daniel's grips.

Joel said...

Both of these "Eye" holds look like a baby's head crowning through the birth canal during labor. What's up with that?

ntmb said...

well... i have no answer for that :P

Anonymous said...