Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Stuff... August

Contact ClimbingThe Lazy Boys are rocking in at $40
And these that are called the Blocks, there's no word on pricing yet!
Three Ball ClimbingThree Ball have just released a new set called the "Wave" they're a nice set of jugs
Slap are at it again, this time with some wicked screw on crips called Rising Stars!
Steve over at Holdz has sent us some images of his new boards and Big Bertha, they're all PU and all hollow backed so the weight saving is HUGE!!

Now if Big Bertha is anything like the Sloperz that You do have to remember a couple of things about Holdz.... they do make some of the nicest swirl colored holds on the planet. I've always been impressed by them and if you give them a try you will aswell!!
Yup, it's that time of year again! The Reel Rock Tour is probably coming to a town near to you!!
Check out the site here for the tour dates
Nicros Handholds
The new board is coming soon!!
Three Ball Climbing
And again, Three Ball!! They're making holds like there's no tmrw :) This time the Juggernauts
Yes, they are HUGE!!Five super large easy jugs for $150
Three Ball Climbing
The Short Stack, 30 new crimps and footholds from Three Ball Climbing... and HERE'S A SPECIAL OFFER FOR CHR READERS ONLY... the 5th person to order the set by 8/6/08 will get them for FREE!!, all they'll have to do is pay shipping!!! (Three Ball will refund the price of the holds once they are shipped) The standard holds are $40 :)


Aaaand we start with a monster this month... So Ill have some brand new shapes / lines, some of these have had a hold or two reshaped, some of them have been brought back from the "old school" and put in the line... all in the last few months, not that we don't keep out stuff updates, but here's a huge dump of their stuff so we're completely up to date:
Soill Holds
Ready?? Here we go....
Bandaids & Bed Pan
Blind & Blood Cell
Bug Bite & Cataract
Discharge & Dr Cox
Dr Peter Flow & Drips
Eczema & Emergency Room
Flavor Crystals & Fluids
Head Cold & Medic
New Born & Remedy
Saliva & Scrubs

Skins & Taste Bud
The Stomach & Time of Death

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