Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Stuff... July...

Mike Call's new movie Perfecto... check out the site here

Two new company's added.... to the links.
Usteto have a whole bunch of holds as do Expression, check them out.
Expression has some of the nicest colored holds i've seen in a while!!
Three Ball Climbing
Thus far un-named, but expect new holds very very soon!
More holds from Europe, check out Volx, they were over at the German outdoor show, here's a look at their stand. They've got a whole bunch of holds on their site, volumes as well :)
Steve over at Holdz was at the German outdoor retailers show last week and he dropped me a line with some new company's, from Europe. We're adding new links, but check out Makak, they're adding more holds soon and we'll keep you updated. Check out their stuff, they make holds and walls.
New set from Asana, Delta Force... hell yeah
Contact Climbing
Will they ever stop? Check it out, Contact have added "Erector Sets" which is a hold of the month club, here's what they say $35 a month plus shipping you'll get a new sets most of which haven't been released yet, some months you'll get surprises like a mix of holds from different sets... there'll be special gifts for 6 month and 1 year subscriptions
Contact Climbing
They're at it again...
If bigger is better, then this flake is HUGE!
23 Holds website is now live, you can see small images of the shapes.... no prices that I can see!
Something landed on my doorstep today... check the War of the Worlds 2 review coming soon!
Three Ball Climbing
Three Ball are always putting new holds out on the market, right now other than the Freshly Squeezed that is below they've got some new stuff!
Hooligan $50, big pinch / jug

Jelly Bean, sloping sweetness is $40
UPDATE: System Pinch $40, built for 45 degree overhanging walls
In case you've not seen the t-shirts from Friksn I suggest you click the logo and go and check them out, the designs are pretty pimp :)
ADDITIONAL: I just met with the guys from Friksn, they were in Montreal checking out the scene and the gyms and I saw the gear in person and anything that is stitched that well and cut for a climbers body gets a massive thumbs up! And when you look at the price, around, $22 for a shirt it's pretty god damn good value! Expect to see myself and Chris in matching shirts pretty soon :P
Three Ball Climbing
The much debated fruits are here... well the orange,,Enjoy bitches!! Looks hood enough to eat!!
New link added, Lapis Holds
Kicking it from Slovenija these guys have a pedigree that's kept them in the European market for many years.

Also from Lapis we have their new company 23 Holds which will be launched at the trade show in Freidrickhafen... we've got a sneak peak... (All images are click for a larger view!!)
Slap have just put up their volumes (they were in last months new stuff) and for the price / size they seem to give other large features a run for their money, even when you look at shipping and the dollar/pound conversion... If you've got large flat panels that need to be spiced up, get some of these!!
(All images can be clicked on for a larger view!!)
Sausage 120 GBPTable Top 60 GBPMountain 70 GBPThe Tortoise 80 GBP
Top Hat 60 GBP
New feature.... big bad and eye shaped.. looks wicked!!------------------------------------------------
Teknik Handholds
Comp winner is Seb Jean, congrats!!
Ah the DRCC, they're coming.... they're sure as hell coming... but not right now, soon(ish). They're making sure that they have all of their stuff down before they launch. Here is a sneak peak of one of their holds that's called "The Master" to whet your appetite:----------------------------------------------------
Contact Climbing
Contact Climbing are invading again....War of the Worlds II is here: $85 for three jugs
Teknik Handholds

The Teknik Grand Theft Art comp is now closed... the entries have been sent so Seth and Zoe should get back to us pretty soon on the winner :)

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