Thursday, July 31, 2008

Atomik @ Allez Up

As you may or may not know we lend holds that we review to our local gym, Allez Up, in Montreal. Normally we let Jean-Marc set the routes, but in the future we're going to be setting the routes with the holds! We're going to take in a few sets per month and will set an easy(ish) route and then a hard(er) route, the routes will stay up for a month and then we'll chop them out. All routes are clearly tagged with our logo and the logo of the company who's holds they are, so people a) know which of us set the routes, b) know what new holds they're climbing on and finally c) can (when we get a box) can leave comments on the holds and the route that they climbed.

Here's a few photos from our first foray into gym setting, it's a learning experience for Chris as he's not set in a comercial environment before, and well for me it's been years since I set in an gym setting, normally I set at friends walls and of course here at home :)Chris setting with the Atomik fonts and some steep wall crimps, the route ends up at 5.8+ or 5.9
Me up the wall with the Atomik sandstones and some font pinches, it's hot work up there!
One of Chris' customers, that was ok with being photo'dThis is the sequence that novice climbers may get a little lost on, there's a hold that looks like a hand but it's a foot, really its a long(ish move) to where the guys right hand is
I'm watching people on my route... I'm looking worried... very worried! I set some very long powerful moves on the route, on some tiny tiny holds and sloping pinches. Not sure what i'm worried about, if I can climb it with a torn tendon in a finger, Chris can climb it and Mark "the animal" Dawson can get up it then it can't be that hard... right?Styling!! Not quite there yet, but he was getting through the lower section really smoothly!

We'll keep this post updated, hopefully we'll get some videos up of people hauling on the Atomik holds!!

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