Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Stuff... September

Nathan over at RC just dropped me the flyer for their sale...
Snap em up 25% off :)

Asana are spoiling their hold of the month subscribers...--------------------------------------------
Atomik are back, and they're introducing a 21 hold pack of Fonts for your climbing enjoyment they'll be here in a few weeks and we'll update the site when they hit, but right now they've just added a couple of new holds / sets:
5xl Steep Wall FontsAnd a Double Hander Font
Three Ball Climbing
Madness! Three Balls 20% off of everything as well, shame I just got nailed by the UPS man :)

Ah, Nathan over at Rock Candy has been for want of better words... a busy little beaver. They've got a new logo, new website and a truck load of new holds!! Click the logo to check out the new site, here are the new holds, oh yeah 25% off of everything:Big JugBlockus
Fancy PantsGarden SlugsOrange PeelsPawsSewageSmackersSniffersSuckersTurkeys
Etch have some new holds out right now.... check them out they're called the Hybrids (they're all $34 a set)
Set ASet BSet CSet DSet ESet FSet H
Normally I'd not post anything on comps, but the SIBL (Southern Indoor Bouldering League) is kicking off again in the South East of the UK, as Mile End, The Castle and The Westway were my haunts for climbing for many many years and I used to compete in the the SIBL I figured that anyone UK based could do with a heads up - Noodles ---------------------------------------------

The Hybrid Sandstone line will be some of the most friendly holds you have ever held. It is a fine grain style of sandstone that allows us to keep things comfortable and reduce plastic. They are on the web today!

Sets to keep an eye out for: (available by the end of Sept)
Compers: Eight sets of the best dual-tex in the biz. These holds are ideal for the most serious route setters looking to force moves and eliminate options. One place to hold 'em and no where to stand on 'em.

Super Naturals: These Patina style are the first natural style holds to have a dual texture finish. The grip is good but be careful where you stand cause these guys will test your skills.

Super Joes: Like the name implies, these holds are reminiscent of the awesome Sandstone found in Joe's Valley Utah.
The features are coming, Project have been busy... (seems everyone else is slacking this month)... here's a preview:

Here`s a couple of videos from Project Holds showing off some of their holds... great work as sometimes seeing a set of holds doesn`t show them in their best light... good work!


What can we say about these images? Err? Bloody hell, look at the size of those!! They should be hitting the Project site very very soon


Joel said...

sweet. fancy. moses. Those have got to be in the $200-$300 range. I was impressed with the two sample holds Project sent our gym last spring. If these things have the detail and craft that their other holds do, they could be worth it.

Anonymous said...

Price is going to be the determining factor here. Project's gym pricing is screwed up to say the least. They offer no wholesale, but discounts in product. Our gym has none of their holds for this reason alone!
You can't expect gyms to pay the same as retail.

ntmb said...

Really? No gym pricing , that surprises me alot!! They have a new sales guy now so maybe that's something they're working on!!

Joel said...

I agree price will be a factor for those holds.
I'm not taking a stance here, but pointing out an observation. Project seem to have taken a different attitude to pricing than what we have been used to. It looks like they discount price by volume to whomever as long as they buy a lot. (20% at $250, 40% at $2000) at that rate are they still too pricy? Have you seen E-Grips gym pricing? It's a pretty small percentage but can go up with volume. I regularly see SoILL ads and coupons for 25% off retail which is the same as gym pricing. I don't know what the ratio is between sales to gyms and to home woodies and how that factors into all of it.

How does you gym buy holds? Hold of the month club? large annual purchase? or pick and choose? We're a small bouldering gym ~3000sf. We are in a hold of the month club and then make a smaller order ($200-$300) twice a year before our seasonal comps. Our annual hold budget tries to stay under $1000.

ntmb said...

Do you guys buy So Ill`s holds because Projects pricing is the same as theirs!

"SoIll offers 25% off, at $500. That's an easy
scenario...spend $500 retail, get holds for $375"

So if the gym is on a budget this works...

To answer Joel, alot of the gyms I talk to run the hold of the month club scenario. But others (the big guys) bulk order.. and when I say bulk i`m talking 5k+ to single companys. It depends upon the budget I suppose.