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Revolution Climbing
Let's go back, waay back, before there was ClimbingHoldReview to a time just after Chris had been a gleam in the milkman's eye... to a time when I'd built one of my first walls, a monster cannibalised from a campus board from a local gym. Back then the hold market wasn't all that big, or if it was I wasn't aware of many people, there was Metolius, EP, S7 and some other people that were easy to get holds from... there was this other company called Pusher. These days Pusher is a thing of myth and legend, the holds that had a little (P) on them are something to be cherished, and when they get broken they need to be mended with some super glue and a steady hand!

But, that was then, and this is now! Revolution Climbing, born out of the Pusher / Cordless / S7 days. They're still a big player in the hold market today, and I've chased them to get me holds for review since day one of this site! Thankfully they heeded my call and some holds arrived, first up of what will be a number of reviews over the coming months are three sets of jibs, we've not done much on screw ons for a while, and as they should be a staple of most home walls, and gyms alike, we figured it'd be a good crack.. as I loved the Pusher holds I wanted to see how they measured up.The sets we received are:
From the get-go, the packaging of the holds catches the eye... the holds are sent in a static bag that you'd normally find wrapped around a new hard drive or other hardware, so when you open them the holds are static free :P The screws were in the bag as well and they were loose, so soon as the bags were opened I checked the holds to see if they'd been damaged, thankfully there was nothing to report, but as the holds came in a box full of larger holds they wouldn't have been bashed about too much. (I'd like to see them come out of the regular mail without a dink!)
I set the holds out onto the floor and go to work, as usual I had a laugh with the video:

There's one thing about jibs is that they're very space friendly, despite the fact that you're not going to move them around a whole bunch. One of my old walls had a section that was 15 degrees overhung and 20 ft high, the entire wall from top to bottom was nothing but jibs, there wasn't one single bolt on hold on there... now as jibs are so space friendly you can imagine how many holds were on that wall :)

$33 for a set of ten
$33 for a set of ten

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nice review, I love the Rev jibs