Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Stuff... December!!

We've added a new company to the links... check out Element Climbing!!
Check it out... 51 font holds from Atomik.... includes bolts, t-nuts and a wrench and free shipping to the lower 48 states for and get this $199!! That's about $3.90 per hold, which in case you don't know it cheap cheap cheap. The offer runs until Jan 15th, so get a ordering... page can be found here
We've added a new company to the listings

Contact Climbing
Ho ho ho, tis that season again... order $50 or more of holds and you'll get a small set of holds for free. Details on their page... seems like Contact is going to be Santa this year!
Three Ball Climbing
Three Ball are stomping on our turf it seems!! Well lets see how they like it when we post a link to their "Write a review for these holds and get them free comp" on our site... yeah! How d'ya like that?? You can find the details here, (on the left hand side) and you never know, if we like the review we may well publish it on here!!! And we'll send you one of our shirts (when we get them redone (so it may take a while!!)) so you can be part of our family :)


Anonymous said...

"Our polyurethane is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and lead free!"

I would really like somebody to explain this in more details - specially which kind of hardener is used in order to obtain such a polyurethane?

ntmb said...

Where did you see the lead free line?

Anonymous said...

On FAQ Section (answer on question No.7, if remember well)...
Anyway, "LEAD FREE" does not mean NON-TOXIC, not even heavy-metal free, since there are many other heavy metals...specially in colors.
How about hardener/resin compositions and their toxicity?

ntmb said...

You can address your concerns to Steve directly if you give me an email address

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll contact you.
Thanks for answers.

Three Ball said...

Hi Anonymous, I haven't heard from you directly so I thought I'd share a little info. The fact is there are thousands of different types of urethane and dyes. We spent thousands of dollars over the period of one year testing and sampling different types of urethane. The one we finally decided to go with is heavy metal free. All the components of the urethane including the pigments are certified by the manufacturer to not only be lead free, but heavy metal free.

I cannot reveal the source of our urethane, but if you are truly concerned you are welcome to send a sample of our product to a lab to be tested.

Let me know if you need more info,

John C. said...

It took me about 5 seconds to find urethane without heavy metals on google.

Anonymous said...

NRMB and Steve - thanks for answers, I just sent to you an e-mail, since this is much bigger issue.

John C. - you just did not get my point, of course there are polyurethanes without heavy metals...it's something else.