Friday, February 27, 2009

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Teknik Handholds

No it's not a typo... these are the new "Mini Tites", which when you read it quickly reads like something else!! Good to see that ever with a new family member Teknik are still getting shapes out there!
New stuff from Project today as well:The DropMutations XLTrojan

Two new monsters from the DRCC, the D.B Hole and the Hole!
Revolution Climbing
New shapes and reshapes from Revolution! 109 new shapes etc, here's a few pics!----------------------------------------------------
Element have just upgraded their site... here are the new features!----------------------------------------------------
Three Ball Climbing
Three Ball runs a program that sends holds to soldiers overseas... if you'd like to donate, read below:

We can't afford to donate holds to soldiers all the time, but if everyone contributes a little we can send a lot over:

"At Three Ball Climbing , we receive many requests from soldiers deployed in Iraq. Since we are such a small company we cannot afford to give climbing holds, hardware etc. to all who ask. After much thought we developed a method to get climbing holds to those in need. (Soldiers, Schools, etc.) We call it the Sidekick program.

If a Unit wishes to participate, we create a web page listing the items they need, and a donation button. The names of people who donate are listed showing how much they've donated to the particular Unit. Three Ball then uses the funds to send the climbing holds and hardware to the soldiers who have requested them. No contribution is too small! 100% of each purchase goes directly to the unit you have specified.

We've just created a page for SGT Daniel Wentzel and his Unit. Check out the page and show them some love!"
Contact Climbing
Buy any large set get a medium set free... no strings attached!!
Etch have a whole bunch of new shapes, so many that it'd take me hours to update them here... here's a sample:CompersJoes ValleySlicksThe Mother Board
Three Ball ClimbingMeet the Anti Matter from Three Ball, I think thats three weeks in a row Steve has put out new shapes!!
Sequence Climbing
They're "Fun Guys" like the guys that make them!
Three Ball Climbing
New holds from Three Ball climbing.. say hello to the Vulcans!
Rock CandyHold of the month club special from Rock Candy... first month for $10!
Soill Holds
First out of the gate this month is So Ill, with a new ad for the CoughIf you want to know what the hold actually looks like, look below:


adamcrisman said...

Great Pic! I'd like to see more like this in the future.

adamcrisman said...

speaking of.. can you send me or post a picture of the project x large jugs? I've seen the 2xl jugs (door handles) but have not seen a good pic of the xl and I was thinking of buying the set. Thanks

Lindsey said...

"If you want to what the hold actually looks like, look below:"

Skip a word? - ...want to *KNOW* what...

ntmb said...

this is what happens when you don't take your time updating a post. Thanks for the eagle eyes Lindsey, if we ever get some money we'll hire you as our proof reader :)


Anonymous said...

Is that a Friksn logo on that yellow project hold? Whats up with that?

ntmb said...

yes it is, it's a co-branded hold, not sure on the details as of yet