Thursday, June 4, 2009

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New CratersNew pinches and power pinches--------------------------------------------
Teknik Handholds
If you want a better look at Teknik's new Fatty Long Fat Pinches here you go:And the hollow back!-------------------------------------------------
Rock Candy
The Scab series in all it's glory

And some unmolded stuff to come.... Mmmmm

Teknik Handholds
Teknik are churning out holds.... look:GnatsMidgesScarabsTikes
Uncarved Block, they're not dead!! Kickass
Nice to see these holds are still around
Real rock feeling holds, another new company!!
Nicros Handholds
As per usual Nicros are having a huge ol sale, check it out: here
Soill Holds
Episode 5 from So Ill

Holdz is rocking urethane now, and a lot of new shapes here are the Ripplez in all their glory!
In case you're counting... here are some stats:
  • 10 new sets
  • 140 new holds
New holds from Atomik, they've got loads on the site just look for the NEW tag
Below the Smooth Edges / Crimps and Pocket screw ons-------------------------------------------------
Teknik Handholds
Slopers anyone? Sorry Fat Slopers anyone?-------------------------------------------------
Soill Holds
Not sure how we missed these:


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