Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Wooden volumes for your wall, normally they're expensive, not anymore. Motivation Volumes is here so now you don't have to make your own anymore!
Mot Volumes
Motavation Volumes are a new company that's about a month old, they're not making holds from urethane or resin... they've chosen to make wooden volumes, simple shapes that mean you can spice up your wall easily and let's face it, not spend the time making them yourselves!!
We were sent three of their current line up, two smalls (pictured right) and one of the mediums (on the left), having something like these that you can bolt on and off the wall as needed is always nice, and as we'd been thinking of building some more we figured that after our last build... and the hassle we had we'd let someone else do the work so their timing was pretty spot on!

Now as Motavation is new and they were looking for feedback Noodles gave Jared a quick call to talk through what was going to be said and what he needed to do to clean up these shapes (and all of his other shapes in the line). Jared's had a bunch of people tell him that his shapes are sick and that they love them, but no one really gave constructive criticism of the construction and the overall aesthetic look of the holds... so here we go, we'll look at the shapes one by one:

Medium Willy Overview
Tell me you didn't laugh at the name! Because that's what they're called :) As you can see the medium willy (MW from here on in!) is actually a fairly large bolt on volume, it has 9 t nuts that are screwed in (which is a nice touch!) and is made from 3/4 inch plywood.

The corners are all nicely sanded so that when you grab the edges (rather than a hold that's on it) you don't get any skin pain or splinters, the sanding so so nice that the sheets of plywood look really quite pretty. Sanding on the back could be better, it's a little off on the corners. Bracing wise you're not going to have a problem with this breaking, it's 2 by 2 and it's screwed and cut really well.

The nut placement could be a little better, three a side is good but if you look at the right hand picture you can see that the top nut could be about an inch to inch and a half higher to give you more options for larger holds placement.

Small Willy OverviewYou laughed that time right? The Small Willy (SW) isn't that small, it's a good size to grab if you don't want to had holds on, and then when you do you've got four screwed in t nut placements to play with, three nicely centred nuts on a volume this size would probably be better (Yes more is great, but if the nuts are centred then you can have a larger hold piggy backing on the volume!)

We have two of these, one of them the sanding on the back is fine, the other is a little off, not by much but a little off none the less! The edge sanding, again, is excellent and makes the holds edges look really nice.

Right now onto what we did with them! The fun part :)


Anonymous said...

Ive had a few of the volumes for awhile now and they've been nothing but fun and have taken my setting abilites to the next level.You will find that these volumes add alot more variety to yor wall.

Anonymous said...

I was at a regionals comp over the weekend which featured some of MV's holds. The features added a lot to the routes and I heard nothing but good things. Jared was also present and I was impressed by his enthusiasm genuine concern for a good product.

Anonymous said...

I have several decent size volumes in my woodie at the moment. I have three walls a 20,30, and 45 degree angle walls. These volumes that I have gotten from one of my close friends and one of my past climbing coaches Jared the owner of Motivation Volumes have come to completley change my cave. They have brought my cave to a whole new level of climbing that I have never imaigned possible before this AMAZING company had been started. In my eyes there are nothing but pros to these conless products. I 100% recomend these to all climbing gyms, and climbers like myself who can just not get enough of climbing and decide to build walls at their homes world wide.