Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hold of the Month July

Your July HOTM fix is here
It's a new month, let's see whats kicking:
Contact Climbing
They're called Warheads!!



The Evoltion and Ozone, your picks (because you can pick)


Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused by Projects HOTM pricing.

$39 for one set
$59 for the other set

$99 for both???????

It's only $98 if I buy them separate. What's with the $1 surcharge if I get them together????

Make sense?

Project Team said...

Project Monthly Fix pricing structure:

The extra dollar for Level 3 goes to pay for the extra shipping costs of combining both sets.

Project Team

Jerome - BGSU said...

Just a thought, but for marketing purposes this 3 tiered approach doesn't work to the customer's advantage. If I wanted to get both sets I would just sign up for one set and have a friend sign up for the other and we'd save the $1. Perhaps the Tier 3 should be at $90 or $95 to give the customer incentive to purchase at that level. Though it eats into the profit margin a bit you still sell more holds. Just a thought.