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I took a look outside last night to make sure that the moon was still in the sky because moon rocks showed up at the door in the form of the Craters from Climb It
The Craters sets come in four different sizes, medium, large, XL and 2XL and as usual we here at CHR have the privilege of climbing on them, testing three of the four sets. We have twelve pockets of various sizes, and although the holds come down to big ol jugs, the shapers at Climb It have put quite a bit of thought in the design.

2XL / XL & L

The Crater sets come in four different sizes, medium, large, XL and 2Xl; and as usual we here at CHR have the privilege of climbing on them... testing three of the four sets. We have twelve pockets of various sizes, and although the holds do come down to big ol jugs (in most cases), the shapers at Climb It have put quite a bit of thought into the design. In every set, there are jugs ranging from three finger pockets to huge open hand pockets. We've had the other DRCC and Atomik reviews the past couple of weeks and they were challenging routes and reviews so at the end of our sessions we were pretty beat and the shapes of the Craters were very welcome on the wall and on our fingers.

The holds, as you can see are big, I mean even the medium set has a big full hand jug. The thing is, each holds has it's own character that sets it apart from the others. The holds are molded so that there is two sides of the hold, the juggy/pocket side and a smaller side so you can set most of them large or small; some of the holds even have grooves in the pockets so you can settle your fingers comfortably when you're hauling. The base of the holds is where you will find the craters, the thumb catches that these create give the holds their versatility.

Some of the holds are better used as sidepulls, slopers or pinches as well as pockets and every one can be used on pretty much any angle wall. There was one problem we set on the 45 where we set a blind dynamic move around the corner to catch a Crater that was set upside down. It was one of the smaller ones and the smaller side of the hold was too small for most of us to hold onto so we ended up using the base of the hold as a slope.. with the help of those little crates we managed.

We really needed to keep in mind that the hold are big when we set, so we let KC have a play. He set the route in the video and he kept in mind to set long moves placing holds so we needed to use the variety of the shape to make the moves work. He put one of the smaller holds upside down on the 45, it felt like a slope and we weren't able to hold on so we just ended up skipping the hold altogether. We modified the section on the 45 by moving that hold a little closer and setting it as a jug. We still skipped the hold, not that it was too hard to hold but the other holds are huge and it was more fun to launch yourself at the end hold :)

When we set our routes, they ended up being warm up problems and other than a few tricky moves we set the holds didn't give us too much trouble. Other than matching the smaller holds, committing to the longer moves, or catching a blind hold set upside down the routes ended up being easy but fun... thanks to the little craters

It's not often that a set of pockets will get the full rating of angles, and the reason that these get the lot is because some of the pockets are deep enough that they're pretty bomber on the roof. Most of the holds are more than two pads deep and this is more than enough for you to haul yourself up and around most things, the holds range from medium to 2xl in size, so if you're looking for pockets for your home wall you don't have the best range to pick from (Climb It do have more pockets under the Powertools selection on their site)

The outside of the holds are dimpled (think of moon rocks) and are dual texture (the inside of the pockets are textures, the main base if semi slick and then the dimples are slightly textured), none of the dimples are big enough to really hold onto but they are placed in such a way that you can use them for your thumbs; but that being said, you can use the outside of the hold if you're careful to get in a sneaky match when needed :)

Texture wise it's the same consistent feel in the pockets as you've come to expect, you can climb on these all day and not worry about your skin being ripped off

Versatility: They're pockets with different grabbing options on some
Screw Holes: No

We've been through a couple of hard reviews lately, one with the DRCC and the others with the Atomik Smooth Edges and Pockets. The problems we set with those holds ended up being on the hard side and there were times when we set moves that we weren't able to execute. We didn't come across this problem with the Craters, this might not be appealing to the monkey who wants to climb hard, but the shapes of the Craters gives setters many options with the holds. Versatility is the key. We made our problems more of a challenge by setting long moves or by setting the holds upside down with tricky matches. The holds are big when they are set the right way up but the intricacy of the shapes make it so that they are climbable on any angle. For us, we set warm up routes and the harder moves made is so that our muscles were good and ready for the night sessions.

These holds are so big we didn't even bother putting them on the roof. By setting them on the roof we were limited on the versatility of the hold and we would have set our problems using the jug side of the hold because ... well ... it would have been a long session of us falling if we'd have set them any other wayWhen it was all said and done, we set many routes, short problems on the 45 to long warm ups all around the wall and I see the Craters as a staple of the CHR wall. They're nice big jugs with something extra so when you find a move too easy, a twist of the wrench will change the dynamics of the move. These holds are the kind of holds that you could climb on all day long, they have a lot to offer, climbing on them won't burn you out and they're easy on the fingers

  • Good for most angles
  • Cool shapes gives your wall the wow factor
  • Finger friendly shapes
  • No matter how you set them they're easy easy easy
  • Climb It need to add to the range with similar shapes smaller for home wall buyers

  • Medium set is 4 holds at: $31
  • Large set is 4 holds at: $45
  • XL set is 4 holds at: $78
  • 2XL is one hold at: $45

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Louie Anderson said...

Just wanted you to now that I dropped off to Climb It some more sets of these three days ago. There is another Large set, another Medium set and a Small set.

Some of these newer shapes are still positive, but my intention was to supplement the more positive original sets with some that featured smaller or less positive pockets. Because of that it was funny to read your suggestions for smaller holds.