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Sometimes you have holds that have been on the wall for a long time... sometimes you get holds and you can tell are going to be a staple on the wall the first time you climb on them. The pinches we received from Climb It, shaped by Louie Anderson, are some of those holds that are going to stick around for a long time... with that said, we give you the Pinches from Climb It;
Now why do we think that these holds are going to be on the wall more often than not? Because we've had them for months and when we take them down they seem to magically return to different bolt holes. We've used them on one of our 50+ move endurance routes, you boulder problems on the 45 and one thing that is plain to see and feel is that these holds are going to make you very very strong... without killing your fingers.

All of the shapes, 9 sets of four holds and the massive power pinches (something we got wrong in our video... sorry Zach), are all similar in that they're pinches of varying widths and angles... but each one is different in a subtle way most of the time. The Power Pinches stand out and monsters that in some cases make you think you`re going to need a set of hulk hands to be able to get onto them... especially when the terrain gets steep.

Overall as you can see we all had an interesting time with these holds, they're fun to see if you can stick something that looks fairly improbable, but with a little time and some patience something that seems like it's not going to go will, but it will take a lot of effort to get the send.

All of the holds have either sloper or flat angles with a nice ergonomic round edge to them, the texture is good and when you`re done playing with traverse put these holds onto a steep wall and see how long you can hang on. One thing these holds have taught us is that body position and hitting the holds in the correct area is key to getting up that problem you've just set, get it wrong (as you can see from the video) and the games pretty much over!

Some of the holds feel like they're left hand or right hand bias which means they could almost be used for some system training, they're close... but not quite perfect for this application (do people not make system holds anymore?)

If you're looking to train your pinch strength then these are a good option to look at, there's a lot of choice to be had here, so gyms can set full on routes and the home climber can spice up their wall quite easily. The only complaint (if you could even call it that) is that one of the power pinches is SO WIDE it's hard to hang as a pinch if you have small hands

One final point is that when in the horizontal rotation these holds make for some really nice / easy slopers and edges... so when you get bored or tired you can make your climb easier :)

Versatility: Pinches / Edges or slopers.. your choice
Screw Holes: Yes on the larger holds

  • Q: What are these holds like that's on the market?
  • A: Well not a lot really, they are like the Teknik Svelt Pinches in that they're nice smooth shapes that are pinches. To be honest there aren't a lot of shapes like this that I can think off of the top of my head; that's not a bad thing
  • Q: So you have a lot of Climb It's line... what's your favorite?
  • A: Right now, these... ok... these and those Top Out Slopers that they have (especially now there are the "easier" sets in that line up) in their line up. These holds are tied at the top with the slopers for easily the shapes I like the most from Climb It. It's a personal opinion, I like and climb on a lot of Climb It's shapes and I like all of the shapes we've seen to date (apart from the Sliders that I brought a few years back); but for training the pinches do a bloody good job
Overall, I'd say if you're looking for some pinches... have a look at these, especially if you're training that grip set and you want something simple and rounder than most pinches on the market. They're not going to be everyone's cup of tea... so thankfully a wrench turn and then you're good with some nice slopers. There are other pinches that I'd also look at like some of the Sequence stuff, definitely the Teknik Svelt's and some of the E-Grips Bubble Wrap line.. but if you want to set a full on pinch route at a gym then Climb It sure do have more holds in their line up

  • Most of the holds are hollow backed so you save on shipping
  • Very finger friendly shapes
  • Lots of shapes to choose from

  • If you want diversity in a hold, you won't find it here. This is as close to a pure pinch as you're going to get.
  • People with smaller hands might have trouble with the wide grip position on some of the holds
  • (Minor) The Power Pinches are probably too large for most peoples home wall, which is a shame as they're super fun holds
  • Medium A & B are four holds at $31
  • Small A & B are four holds at $21
  • Power Pinch 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 are single holds at $45 each

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