Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Stuff September

Here's all the new stuff for September

Soill Holds
And for some close up action of the Swine Flu----------------------------
Dream Climbing holds is a new company that's popped up on our radar! Expect reviews on some of these guys holds pretty soon... here's a quick look at their line up:There are loads of holds, click their banner to rock on over to their page

Sequence Climbing
We don't normally put clothes onto this page, but these t shirts from a new company made us laugh.. enjoy:
Sequence Climbing
New training rings!
Soill Holds
New Threadz and Screw Onz from Holdz--------------------------
Three Ball Climbing
New comfy goodness from Three Ball Climbing:

Uncarved Block are offering 20% off of everything until the end of September!!
Let's look at the new stuff:1kg screw ons... $15Scalapinos $44.50 (that's without the discount!)
Three Ball Climbing
Odin, from Three Ball, released today :)-------------------------------
Soill Holds
Want to train? Well Jason Kehl made a nice new board called the Iron Palm.
(Click the image for larger view)
Are you addicted?


Anonymous said...

Dream holds are a nightmare. These take climbing hold technology back years. Often the holds are painful and unsafe to climb on.

Alan Davies said...

Hi "Anonymous",

Dream Holds are moulded direct from real rock from real climbers crags, not hand moulded, or from water washed river/stream rocks (never climbed a river or stream so maybe i'm missing something?). As such the texture and shapes are identical to what you find at the crag incorporating rough, smooth, crozzly, pebbled and any other texture you would find on the actual crag. The technology in these holds is actually very new, and there are several patents pending from the moulding right through to the attachment point and anti-breaking system. The rock type dictates the texture and shape so if you find gritstone or gabbro rough (which it is, that's why people climb it) then maybe try the Dumbarton Basalt which is smooth and requires massive overgrip. Its a question of personal taste. Your claim that our holds are unsafe is frankly ridiculous and also undermined by you staying anonymous. Across the UK we have had incredibly good feedback regarding how interesting and subtle these holds climb, and how much fun they are to set with. I guess they are climber's holds rather than climbing holds :P

If you'd like to talk more i'd appreciate it - you can get me at or re-comment here.

Either way, constructive informed criticism and discussion is welcomed.


Al @ Dream Holds