Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Up > Progression

That logo is not us giving a Big Up to anyone, that's the film company that makes the films you probably love to watch on your down days!

Climbing movies come around, we've been waiting for this one that's for sure. When it's raining we climb and then chuck on a movie our playlist is: Dosage V, Stick It, One Summer and a few others. One of them needs to get bumped for this:
Big Up Productions are just putting out high quality climbing films, from locations to climbers to just the quality of the filming these guys are GOOD. Rather than drag my ass across town I just went and downloaded this from their site, as $23ish (CDN) for just clicking a few buttons I'm pretty happy with the way I can get this (although I'll end up buying the DVD anyway)

Some climbing films are hit and miss, this is just plain hit. From Caldwell burning off the kids (as he puts it) to Sharma on Jumbo Love and then everything that's pushing the sport to the next level (seriously 2500+ moved for endurence training?) this film is filmed well, has a great sound track and enough movments of "aww come on that's impossible" to keep you inspired throughout the coming winter months. Don't believe me? Here's the trailer:

We don't rate films, we rate holds... but if we did rate films this would be five star, beating out Dosage V by a country mile.

You can download the film here if you have a pay pal account, or order it through the site, it's well worth a look if you like some crazy climbing

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