Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Here's the new stuff for December

core climbing
Mini Slopers

Mini Jugs

rockwxSoill Holdscryptochild
No matter which way you look at this volume one word will come to mind... MASSIVE!
From the mind of Jason Kehl comes the Growth... for info on pricing head on over to the Rockwerx website!
Here's Elements HOTM for December. They're also running 15% Off All Orders plus a FREE set of Electrons (20 feet) with all orders over $199

Another new company... there's lots to see. Click the logo to head on over!-------------------------------
DRCCoooof that is a big ol hold
Here's Osm'ose new holds... 2010 style

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Anonymous said...

Check this new company... We have their holds up in our gym and they are way sick...