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It's always nice to see something from Contact Climbing, their holds always have a pretty unique feel to them but of late they've been very quiet... they've been away from shaping and they spent the summer outside sending! But Autumn is here and now they're back in the workshop toiling away, molding and getting shapes ready for the winter season.

First up are the Warheads...
As you can see that the Warheads are a large set, and when you look at the price being $48 then you're looking at some holds that are jacks of all trades, good for pretty much (notice we say pretty much) any angle... some of them are actually a little trickier to hold than first glance may suggest.
Why do we say they're pretty good for all angles? Look at the image above... lets go left to right:

  1. Huge sloper, but there's enough for you to grab onto for when it's on the roof
  2. Massive jug, hang on anywhere
  3. Jug, really incut, super fun to swing about on
  4. Sloper, we put it on the roof and Noodles managed to hang and campus off of it when it was on the Nicros Jug-or-Not, but it was horizontal
  5. Huge sloper, but it has a sneaky incut right at the back which gives you some help when it's on the roof
  6. Big ol' edge, the area you grab is a little sharper than we'd have really liked, but it's doable
See we're not completely mental :) We've had these all over the wall and they perform well, the lines that have been incut around the holds really help with the grip, and even though they don't really need the lines to help the grip on these holds because they're grippy as hell without the lines. That being said they do add an nice aesthetic to the holds

The devil is in the details with these holds, from the well placed pre-placed screw holes to the little nuclear symbol that's around the Contact logo... they're called Warheads so that's a nice touch!

Eve wanted to set with the holds as soon as she saw them, we've been setting some hard stuff and none of it's been very easy... so she wanted the holds, and she wanted to play on the 45 degree wall, so we let her play where she wanted. The one thing she mentioned about what she was going to set was the fact that she was going to put the sloper as the last hold... we didn't worry! Well we didn't worry until we tried to stick the last move... til we actually tried to stick the last move and we got spat off of the wall. Spat off of the wall until Eve told us that the walls upright on the left was in, still we had trouble as the footwork was a little tricky to get right... but we got it done. As we we're comfortable with the holds and we didn't want to use the side wall, we wanted to try to finish the route without it... NOPE! Fail, the sloper is just too hard to hang as the last move... but rotate it slightly so it's angled and it's much easier to hold onto... well it's hard, really hard.

Apart from one of the holds that is a little sharp on the edge and the sloper that is hard to hang onto these holds are good for short bouldering problems on pretty well any angle; we let Eve play with them and she wanted a simple problem on the 45, if you've watched the video then you can see that Eve was pretty sneaky with what she set... that sloper was plain evil as the last move!
This set has a little (actually large) something for everyone, big ol jugs, a sloper that's just about doable on the 45 and then the large sloper (number 1) that's go to much room on there that you have so much friction you can stick it easily and then there's number 5 a hold that's a sloper or a huge edge it's having a slight identity crisis.

Ok, we made a complete mess of the walk through, and we're sorry about that... we learnt that our files on the camera get over written :(

Versatility: Quite a lot, spin them around
Screw Holes: Yes

"Hey everybody, The Noob is back with another color commentary ( YAY!!! ;D ). I haven't been climbing nearly as much as I should these past few days but I was lucky enough to drop in when everyone was testing out a set from Contact Climbing and as the name of the set suggests, these holds are the bomb!

So Warheads, what's so good about them? Well for starters there weren't any rough edges I could find to rip your hands open and keep you off the wall for days healing, they're a large set so there's plenty of surface area to grab on to unlike some other holds on the wall right now (you know who you are) and best of all you can use them on any (and I mean any) incline you can dream up! I got a chance to try them out on the 45 and I'll admit they were fun to climb there but they really blew me away (hehe, I made a funny ;p)

When we reset them on the roof, it was the first time I've managed to climb a route on the roof so I was pretty impressed with myself and the holds. It gave me a real incentive to try out some other sets from CC and after briefly looking over their catalog I've got a couple ideas I want to bring up the next time we climb. I'd also like to see if we can set something interesting on the 30 to the 45 and see how they transition from one slope to the next but I'll have to leave that up to the guys for the final approval as well as certain time constraints (so many holds to review, so little time).

So why should you get a set of these for your wall at home? Well, they're comfy, easy to set on any incline and from their design and the six holds included in the set you can make a ton of easy to challenging routes depending on your skill level. Of course that's good news for me and all you other novice climbers out there but the best part is that they aren't an expensive set either (about mid-range based on what I've seen).
My advice, get the set! I just hope I get a chance to try more CC holds so I can form a better opinion of the company as a whole.... like getting a set of large and medium Guidelines for example (Noodles I hope you're reading!!!). As far as first impressions go I was blown away ;)

  •  Nice variety of shapes, mainly jugs
  • Good foe everyone
  • Great texture

  • Packing was so so
  • One hold is a little sharp on the fingers
$48 nets you six holds

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