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Our local gym Allez Up has a program called "Redpoint Manager", we'd seen it in action and liked what we saw so we figured that we'd dig a little deeper to see what it actually is and how it could help a gym owner... so we got in contact and here's what we found out!

1) Name and Job
Dale Partridge Marketing Director & Graphics

2)What exactly is Redpoint Manager?
Redpoint Manager™ is a product of Crux Software, Ltd. out of Southeast Texas. The product was developed by avid climbers William Hopkins and Dale Partridge in partnership with Thresh Hold Climbing + Fitness, in an attempt to more effectively maintain a climbing gym’s route setting management, setting quality, and overall setting structure.

This highly intricate software gives Gym Owners, Managers, and Head Route Setters the ability to adequately manage their company’s life line “Their Routes”. The software offers a dynamic system in which route setters can log-in via touchscreen or by home computer and log their routes by setter, section, color, and grade producing gym-wide informational charts & payroll data for members & management. On the contrary, the system then allows climbers to login and track which routes they have completed via touch screen image map. This allows climbers to now generate reports on their climbing progress as well as compete against fellow climbers in the gym.

Beyond the basics, the software offers a full array of tools that increase the organization and productivity of any climbing gym. Far too many to explain in writing.
3) How long did it take to go from concept to a working prototype?
About 14 months of almost full time development with a team of 5

4)What does Redpoint offer for:
  • A gym owner - The product allows gym owners oversee the setting and setter payroll without micro managing their setters. The system allows admins to set the quotas of routes per section by grade giving the head setter and route setters direction. Setters no longer walk into the gym and set what they think the gym needs. Redpoint shows them exactly what's needed and whats expected. Overall, it allows gym owners to find a healthy balance in their gym. The system generates very valuable reports based off of climber usage including: High Traffic Locations, Highest Rated Setter, Total Problems / Routes, Most popular climbs, etc. Basically, it turns setting into a profession.
  • Head setter - Besides the info stated above, Head setters can assign tasks to their setters, approve routes, request changes or grade change on a route, or just plain communicate through the message center.
  • A climber - Climbers can log their routes, track their progress, compete against others by bracket and category, download training articles and videos, communicate with other Redpoint members, generate progress reports and much more. Its the indoor training software America has been waiting for. Imagine for indoors.
5) Is the program easy to set up for a gym?
We think so, We do all the setup for them, provide them with free training sessions, full time technical support, and about 15 training videos that just about answer any question you could have. Another great component we offer is with your purchase we provide brochures and posters to give to your members explaining what Redpoint Manager is and how to use it. If our users don't succeed we don't succeed. We do everything it takes to make their climbers have the best experience possible.

6) Reading through your specs you suggest that people use a touch screen for their customers (climbers) to access information and to rate routes... is this really needed?
No, you can use any desktop computer with internet. But the touchscreens really seal the deal, they look awesome in the gym and people love it! It truly becomes a sales point when signing a member at your climbing facility.

7) So Redpoint is web based rather than on a single computer / network. This means I can update from home after I've climbed?
Yes, climbers, setters, and admins can all update from home or any other computer that has internet access. This also includes mobile devices.

8) It's on iPhone / iTouch as well? Does this mean I can rate routes as I get off of them?
Yes, the iPhone app is in the development process, but it will allow climbers and setters to log routes and check reports via phone. It also allows climbers to log routes at other gyms that use Redpoint just select the gym you're climbing at a log away.

9) You said that at Threshhold (your local gym) that there's an almost permanent competition feeling with Redpoint being in the house. Care to explain what you mean?
We have a 32 inch flat-screen television in the lobby that is constantly scrolling through the rankings and reports. Climbers walk in the gym and sit in the lobby for about 2 minutes and see where they stand or what is currently happening. After the end of each season (3 months, full route setting turnover) we then offer rewards to the winners of each category. Its really cool, but the gym has to fully embrace it to really get what we have. I will tell you this, our community has never been stronger.

10) Could Redpoint be used to track a climbers performance?, does a climber have a "home" area where they can track things like pull ups etc?

No as of right now we do not have the ability to track exercises. But believe that we have thought about it. For sure one of the many features coming in version 3.0

11) Ok, what's a rough dollar price for all of this? There must be a cost to all of the tech!
Its actually really affordable, we have $250 start up fee which get your digital map designed, all of your staff info added, all of the techy stuff completed, and your initial training. Then we have a 1 year commitment for $99 per month. No hidden fees, all upgrades and technical support included, just playing it straight. We do plan on raising these prices soon because of the crazy popularity but wont happen for a few months.

12) How many gyms currently have Redpoint?

Well being that we haven't even had it open to the public for a month yet, we already have 9 gyms in the U.S. & Canada using the system all of which are pretty heavy hitters in the industry. We have new inquiries and meetings setup every week and expect to have a large chunk of the industry, including major competitions, by the end of 2010.

14)Are you likely to release a version for "home wall" owners?
Never really thought about it... But yes I'm sure we could if we saw the demand for it, and at a much lower price as well.

15) How can people get in contact with you?
Gym owners can drop us a line here

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