Monday, February 1, 2010

New Stuff > Feb

Here's the new stuff for Feb

Contact Climbing
Luvre Handles anyone?-------------------------------
New dual tex pockets and pinches
Three Ball Climbing
The Bulldog is here! It's a monster-------------------------------
Great Crimps... that's actually what they're called :)
It was meant to end in Jan, now extended to the end of Feb!
New HOTM from Element as well
Osm'ose have their 2010 line up online----------------------------
Centre holds for FebMore new holds!-------------------------------
Nicros Handholds
Nicros has a sale on!
Three Ball Climbing
It's called the Crash Dummy, and it's huge


DJ_AX said...

I thought that hangboard looked familiar ... it's the exact same thing as the Hera Board by Etch ..

Crash Test Dummy is a cool feature but I wouldn't expect it to look so much more like a crab. (yes I know it's named after a route)

Anonymous said...

That is the same board as the HERA designed by JK.

What's the deal??????

ntmb said...

Etch and Project both stock this board

It's co-branded, same board, Etch and Project believe it's the best board on the market so they teamed up!

Slap Holds! said...

I wish the Delire wouldn't photoshop their hold pics so much. It's hard to see what the are like!